What Revision Tips You should Follow for the CAT Syllabus in the Last Few Days?

What Revision Tips You should Follow for the CAT Syllabus in the Last Few Days?

The Common Admission Test or CAT exam is conducted for postgraduate management degree courses across India. The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) began conducting the CAT Exam as a computer-based test to select students for post-graduate business admission programs (MBA or PGDM). The scorecard of this exam is valid for one year. Let’s discuss some revision tips to follow for the CAT syllabus in the last few days.

Eleventh-Hour Revision Tips for CAT Syllabus You Can Follow

The last month should be left only for practicing the topics you have prepared. You should have completed your CAT Exam syllabus well before that time. It is impossible to go through all the books for the CAT exam and then revise it again, only a few days before the exam. Therefore, for essential formulas and tricks, you should make short notes well before the exam, which will help you revise the whole syllabus in a few hours.

Below mentioned are some proven tips you can try to ace this exam in one chance.

Revise Essential Topics

When analyzing the previous year’s question papers, you can trace some essential and frequently repeated topics. Therefore, aspirants must review those topics regularly to retain them in the memory loop.

Take Mock Tests Daily

In the last few days, aim to attend at least one mock test daily and revise the entire mock tests you have given. This will help you build up your confidence. Moreover, it is a perfect way to brush up on your memory and skills only if you have enough time.

  • After giving your CAT mock test, you must analyze your performance and then note the area in which you score maximum and minimum marks.
  • Obviously, the section in which you score maximum marks is your strong point, and where you score minimum marks is your weak point.
  • After analyzing your strong and weak sections, you should manage your time accordingly.

Please note that until and unless you practice what you’ve learned, no amount of studying will help you bell the CAT. Therefore, we advise that you treat CAT mock tests and analyze your mistakes so that you can improve them within the time left.

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Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

To get accustomed to the upcoming examination pattern, aspirants must aim to/practice solving the previous year’s CAT paper within three hours (the actual time allotted in the real exam) based on the exam pattern.

Aspirants must manage their time accordingly during the mock test to nail time management during the actual exam day. In addition, if you practice more and more previous year’s papers, there will be fewer chances of making errors. So, we strongly suggest undertaking mock tests as much as possible after completing the CAT Syllabus.

Build Exam Day Strategy

Prepare a CAT exam day strategy before entering the exam centre. For instance, before you start attempting questions, ideally, you will scan the sections. This is why it is essential to mentally prepare for the sections you want to attempt well in advance. In addition, this strategy will help you get a broad feel of the areas and difficulties of the CAT paper.

You should talk to your mentors, friends, and guides about how to approach VARC, DILR, and Quantitative Aptitude questions. Please note that there are three sections in the CAT question paper, and each section will have a time limit of 40 minutes.

In the CAT question paper, we suggest you first attempt the VARC, then attempt DILR, and then you should attempt the Quantitative Aptitude section. The quantitative aptitude section could be the most challenging part. So the aspirants must have good speed in this section.

Avoid Studying New Topics 

Learning a new topic in the last few days will reduce understanding quality, creating difficulties in memorizing the other, pre-learned concepts. Therefore, we suggest that you avoid touching on any new topics before your CAT exam in the last few days.

The CAT exam is one of the toughest exams for Management Business Administration (MBA), but it is not impossible to crack if you have proper planning to complete the syllabus. Therefore, you should take the necessary steps to crack the CAT exam.