What Non-Existing Professions Can Become Extremely Relevant In A Couple Of Decades?

What Non-Existing Professions Can Become Extremely Relevant In A Couple Of Decades?

We live in technology based world that comes with its set of promises and challenges. It will not be long before automation, artificial intelligence and digital technology will take over the future of work, making a way for jobs that do not exist currently. Not all jobs that are popular today will remain in reign through the years; they may expect downfall and jobs that are irrelevant today may be some of the most sought, because just as the world evolves, job trends change too and it essential to script your career likewise, so your job remains in hype with the passing years.

Let’s take a quick look into jobs that might become immensely popular in the following years:

1. Science Communicator: Science communication basically focuses on explaining and elaborating sciences and scientific research to the people who do not belong to a scientific background. The main job of a science communicator is to bridge the gap between people and science, which includes explanation of fundamental topics which have been around for centuries and elaborating newly discovered scientific topics. Though this job is not very popular today, it will surely top the list of the future careers in tech, as science communication will surely make the world a better place.

2. Genetic Engineer: Genetic Engineers are basically experts who make use of technologies and molecular tools to reorder DNA fragments. Their main goal is to add or subtract the genetic matter of an organism for betterment, or to transfer DNA codes from one species to the other. It is definitely a tech job that will be in huge demand over the next couple of years.

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3. Material Scientists: Material scientists basically study and analyse the synthetic properties and structures of different natural and human-made materials, which include polymers, glass, rubber, metals and ceramics. They perform various experiments and researches to develop new products and improvise the already existing ones. Though the most important part of their job is experimentation and research, they are also required to prepare manuscripts, reports, proposals, technical manuals and manuscripts. Definitely one of the jobs 2030 that will see a brighter future.

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4. Travel Journalists: A very adventurous yet interesting job, which allows the person to travel the world and encounter new experiences for researches. They can work freelance or for magazines/newspapers. A travel journalist shall have excellent writing and communication skills, shall be a polyglot or multilingual, must possess good computer skills to research about the place over the internet and above all, must be innovative. Though not very popular at the moment, this will be one of the best tech jobs in the next ten years.

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5. Wildlife Explorers: If you are an animal lover, you will certainly find the job of a wildlife explorer very alluring. This job requires the study of animals in their natural surroundings and when situation emerges they shall even be able to manage wild animals as they are well acquainted with the behaviour of the animals and their reactions to how they would react when they encounter fear or threat. A wild life explorer needs to have a degree and specialization; however, this is one of the most lucrative jobs.

6. Biomedical Engineer: Biomedical accessories such as synthetic internal organs, body part replacements and machines for diagnosis of diseases are all designed by biomedical engineers. The basically design, install, replace, adjust, repair and offer technical support for biomedical devices. Biomedical Engineers play a key role in our lives because their expertise and 21st century skills help resolve various health issues all over the world. A job that has booked a spot for the next twenty years for sure.

7. Food Designers: A food designer also known as a food stylist is someone who prepares food for photography or recording videos or movies. It is not an easy task to make food appear camera friendly, and a good food designer is equipped with the latest skills and techniques to make the food appear its very best- even if it is to replace motor oils with yummy pancake syrup. This is one of the finest careers in technology, which will experience a huge growth in the coming years all thanks to social media becoming immensely popular. If you are a food designer, there is no looking back for you.

8. Green Chemists: A green chemist can be extremely helpful in safeguarding the ecosystem as they ensure to minimize the usage of harmful substances in chemical products. A green chemist is someone who ensures designing safer chemical products, enhance energy affectivity, use reusable materials and avoid harmful derivatives in medications. This is one of the best future jobs, which will be beneficial for the environment as well.

9. Strategists: A strategist is someone who is responsible for implementation and formulation of new strategies for a business. This job requires setting up new goals, determination of actions to achieve goals and deploying resources to bring actions into force. A good strategist is someone who is a critical thinker and writer- and they help setting up a mission for businesses. This is one of the best technology jobs that are likely to see a hike in the near future.

10. Molecular Biologists: They are designated to perform and design experiments on cells and molecules to gain awareness on how these perform, communicate and organize. DNA cloning and sequencing and RNA functioning are the main experiments performed by molecular biologists. This job is one of the careers, which is likely to experience growth over the next few years making it an ideal career option.

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