What Is a Step-Through Electric Bike

What Is a Step-Through Electric Bike

If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric bicycle, you may have already checked out your options regarding power and battery capacity, and you’ve probably also considered whether a road, mountain, commuter, or cruiser style is best for your needs. What you may not have thought about is frame design, which can play an important role in how easy electric bikes are to use. After learning about some of the benefits of going with a step-through frame, you may decide that it’s the best choice for you.

What Is a Step-Through E-Bike?

A step through bike, whether electric or standard, is simply a bicycle in which the frame can be stepped through rather than over. While a step-over bike has a triangular frame with a high tube connecting the handlebar and seat stems, a step-through bike’s frame has more of an open V shape. Though traditionally known as a “ladies” bike frame, this style has become increasingly popular across gender lines because it can provide several advantages to today’s riders.

What Are the Advantages of a Step-Through E-Bike?

Many people find it uncomfortable to step over a bike’s frame in order to get on it; the amount of leg and hip extension that’s required to mount a bicycle can put even very flexible people at risk of falling. A step-through bike is much easier to get onto, and if you’re riding in a dress or tighter-fitting pants you’ll be less prone to unplanned exposure and embarrassing rips that can result from over-stretched seams. Step-through frames are also potentially safer if a rider loses his or her balance, as the open design makes it easier to quickly place both feet on the ground to regain stability. As an additional perk, the wheelbases on step-through bikes are generally longer, which results in putting you in a more comfortable upright position while riding.

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Who Can Benefit From Getting a Step-Through E-Bike?

While anyone will likely enjoy being able to mount and dismount a step-through bike with greater ease, the style can be particularly useful for people with reduced mobility. The ease of stepping through makes these bikes a generally safer option for riders who don’t have full flexibility in their hips or legs. Coupled with the pedal assistance provided by an e-bike, a step-through frame can make it much easier for people with limitations to get out and ride. Even if mobility isn’t an issue, riding a bike with this frame’s added comfort can make it easier to ride longer and further than you might on a bike that requires sitting in a more unnatural position.

The type of frame on your e-bike is one more thing to consider when you’re making a purchase. If the idea of easier mounting and dismounting from your new bicycle appeals to you, then look into the many women’s step through bike options available online. With its potential for added comfort and its ability to limit embarrassing wardrobe issues, this type of frame, whether on an electric or standard bicycle, might be the perfect option for your new set of wheels.