Virtual Food Exhibition and Why Should you Host One

Virtual Food Exhibition and Why Should you Host One

Last year was not less than a whirlwind for the event industry. A drastic shift in the ways of hosting events took hold the entire year. Virtual events gained momentum and became immensely popular during the course of the pandemic. The global food industry was not an exception. A sudden shift of events in the food & beverage industry has taken place. Disrupted supply chains and closed dining embellishments caused due to COVID-19 motivated the food industry to leverage virtual exhibitions. As restrictions were imposed on public gatherings, organizing in-person food expos was not feasible.

A ray of hope has emerged with the news of vaccinations all over the world. As the nation started recovering from the dim light of the global pandemic. But, going to an in-person food expo with large gatherings is still skeptical for some time. Hosting virtual food exhibitions on a comprehensive virtual exhibition platform is the smartest and the safest way to boost revenues.

Hosting hybrid or virtual food exhibitions is the next big thing. It has become the talk of the town. “Hybrid” Operation Is “New Normal” for Food & Beverage Exhibitions. It offers enormous perks to exhibitors as well as attendees that are impossible to indulge with live physical food exhibitions.


FOODEX JAPAN, a leading food & beverage exhibition in japan has added a virtual component to its upcoming food exhibition. Following the current trends, a 4-day food exhibition from 9th-12th march 2021 has gone hybrid this time. However, it is estimated to have maximised leads and accelerated business revenues.

The perks offered by hybrid virtual food exhibitions have been unlocked by industry professionals.

  • Expanding the networks by connecting with a global clientele
  • Introducing the products into markets
  • Offering the best-in-class food & beverages, etc.

These are some of the major benefits of pivoting virtual food exhibitions. Hosting a virtual hybrid food exhibition on a virtual exhibition platform is sure to deliver more value to attendees.

What exactly is a virtual food exhibition?

A virtual food exhibition enables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, vendors, and attendees from all over the world to connect virtually. It helps food and beverage industry professionals to strengthen global outreach and supply chains. Virtual exhibitions hosted across the food industry helps in umpteen engagements thus resulting in generating amplified leads.

Pairing with the right event tech is the key to host a successful virtual exhibition. It offers endless possibilities for participants to enhance new learnings across the food industry and generate more qualified leads.

A comprehensive virtual exhibition platform allows companies to showcase and sell out product offerings on a global scale. Whereas virtual buyers can gain knowledge about new product offerings quickly by scrolling resources provided by the exhibitor.

However, as a result, virtual food exhibitions offer immersive event experiences that stimulate virtual attendees seamlessly. Select the right virtual venue to translate your in-person food expo into a virtual environment.

Why should you host a virtual food exhibition?

Hosting a virtual food exhibition offers enormous various benefits to suppliers, distributors, manufacturing units, and dining establishments. With a leap of time, the food and beverage industry has discovered various opportunities to grow with virtual hybrid food exhibitions. We have curated the best possible reasons to take your next food exhibition online. Have a look:

  1. Creates a greater impact than in-person food expos

In-person food expos with large gatherings are no more the first choice for industry experts. Taking your food expo online open realms for better networking and create a better impact than physical food expos. However, the lucrative industry is yielding better results with virtual food exhibitions.

  1. To enhance brand visibility

Virtual food exhibitions are attended by attendees from all over the world irrespective of geographical locations. It allows sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their latest product offerings to a wider audience segment globally. However, it results in enhancing brand visibility. Today, people who never intended to attend live physical food expos are a part of virtual exhibitions.

  1. A one-stop solution

A virtual food exhibition strengthens distribution channels from the start till the end. It is a one-stop-solution for the food industry. It offers opportunities like:

  • To connect with new suppliers
  • Demonstrate new product offerings
  • Connect with distributors
  • Interact with attendees
  • Create partnership opportunities, and so on.
  1. Deliver more value at reduced costs

Organizing virtual food exhibitions does not cost much on pockets as in-person food expos. Virtual hybrid food exhibitions result in having a considerate reduction in expenses yet delivering more value to attendees at scale. The costs involved in bringing the entire community together physically result in hefty expenses. Pandemic or without pandemic, virtual hybrid food exhibitions are sure to thrive. 

  1. Encourage communications and Networking

Taking your food expo online gives a platform to organizers, exhibitors, and attendees to network and engage seamlessly. Virtual food exhibitions enable participants to network in real-time and create a lead nurturing environment. A comprehensive virtual exhibition platform enables attendees and exhibitors to have 1:1 or group interaction via live audio/video chats and calls. Thus elevating the hassle-bustle of long queues.

  1. Display products without a shelf life

Perishable goods have a shelf life. During the lockdown, food distributors having bulk inventories were unable to shelve items. It has significantly affected them during the entire duration. Virtual food exhibitions enable distributors to showcase product offerings without shelving them up.

  1. Results in having more sales

Virtual food exhibitions result in having more sales when compared to in-person food expos. It offers a lead nurturing environment to convert qualified leads at a single virtual exhibition platform.  The online platform accelerates conversations and boosts the purchase percentage seamlessly.


Adapting the technology is the way forward to boost business sales growth. Virtual food exhibitions are a cost-effective measure to promote your products with greater outreach. It not only strengthens the distribution channels but enables you to connect with new providers, distributors, suppliers, and vendors. If you have not yet planned to host a virtual food exhibition, now is the time to get started and reap the enormous benefits it offers.