Unmissable Trends in Digital Marketing That Will Rule 2020

Unmissable Trends in Digital Marketing That Will Rule 2020

Digital marketing is perhaps the most dynamic of all the marketing approaches. As the Internet continues to expand, diversify and mature, new digital trends keep coming to the forefront while the older ones are relegated to obscurity and oblivion. This constant flux is why digital marketing methods need to be kept up to date if the businesses intend to keep their competitive edge. In 2020, the biggest trends that will be shaping digital marketing are being elaborated here.

1- Artificial Intelligence

One of the most groundbreaking achievements of this century, artificial intelligence is shaping customer experiences today. Machine learning algorithms have shaped digital marketing services in the form of SEOs. They can pinpoint far more accurate results based on existing and past trends in digital marketing than humanly possible, and that too in a fraction of time. AI is playing a crucial role in the growth of services focusing on digital marketing in Dubai, U.A.E. i.e. almost any commercial hub in the world, existing or up and coming.

AI is rapidly taking up simple jobs, and we can see its presence in tasks like a product recommendation, basic communication, content creation, email personalization, and eCommerce transaction. 

2- Video Marketing

An estimated 59% of managers prefer to watch videos than reading the text version of it. Video content is comparatively much easier to retain and absorb when compared to written material. Moreover, as people shift more and more towards mobile devices for accessing the Internet, video content for digital marketing is much easier to consume than reading textual content on a small screen. Videos often generate more click through rates as they manage to capture the audience’s attention and keep them engaged in a much more convenient manner. Podcasts, interactive videos, Youtube, etc. are some examples of the use case scenario for video marketing.


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3- Social Media Ads

Of late, the investment in social media platform ads has been increased by popular brands. Facebook and Instagram ads have proven to be the most popular way of advertising via social media simply because these two platforms generate higher traffic than any other network. These networks have over 3 Billion users between themselves alone and they provide access to customer’s lifetime value which is instrumental in determining whether the user is primed for conversion.

4- Quantum Computing

As AI becomes more and more sophisticated and machine learning becomes more complex, classical computing will not be enough to keep up with the exponentially increasing computing requirements. This is where quantum computing comes in. It can be simplistically termed as extreme multitasking, whereas, in classical computing, computing tasks are executed linearly. When applied to AI, this can boost its capabilities to an extent it might be possible for it to replace the human experience for personalized customer services. In digital marketing services, quantum computing will make the analyzing and visualizing of vast data sets a simple task and subsequently turn marketing agencies much more efficient, productive, and effective.

5- Omnichannel Marketing

The concept is based around the idea that the consumer should not have to a leave platform for another to fulfill his different requirements. Everything should be made available in one place. An example of this concept is the integration of an online marketplace in social media platforms delivering eCommerce as well as social networking experiences. Omnichannel marketing involves businesses engaging with their target consumer on all online channels possible, I.e. having social media accounts, Youtube channels, instant messaging accounts, etc. The more seamless the engagement is between platforms, the higher are the chances of conversion.

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Integration of these in business strategies by businesses looking to capitalize is a must, as these trends based on their raging popularity are certainly going to govern digital marketing going into 2020.