Track your friends without them knowing with OgyMogy

Track your friends without them knowing with OgyMogy

OgyMogy – Are you suspicious about your friend? You don’t want that your friend should not play in the wrong hands such as criminals, drug dealers and other kinds of scary peoples. You don’t want to lose your childhood friends at any cost. 

No matter what if your friend is a male or female you can keep an eye on their regular activities to protect them from wrong peoples. You have to take your friend under surveillance all the time by keeping an eye on their cellphones and social media activities.

 Once you can know to whom your friend is in contact with then you can get to know what sort of activities he/she is doing secretly. You can use a mobile screen recording app on your friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend cellphone device and keep yourself updated.

What is Mobile Screen Recorder Software?

It is one of the best and advanced sub-features of OgyMogy cell phone monitoring software. You can install it on your target mobile device and activate it to use its web portal to navigate its features on target device information and upload the online dashboard. It was developed to monitor the cellphone device of someone without them knowing. 

You can use its features such as live call recording, screen recorder, social media messenger spy, keylogger, GPS location tracking, read text messages, email monitoring and last but not the least internet history. It is very easy to install without facing technical issues. However, you can use its customer service online chat to discuss the issues you are facing.


Phone tracker app is work on all the cellphone and tablet devices running with Android operating systems. However, it also remains hidden even on the latest Android OS device version 10 and above.

How to Get a Mobile Tracking App to Track Your Friends?

If you want to do surveillance on your friends, loved ones, and the people in relationship with you, then you just need to visit OgyMogy webpage. When you are on the webpage of the world’s best software that enables you to track cellphones then get subscriptions online. Now you will receive an email instantly and check your email inbox. 

You will get the password and ID that you can use sooner or later. Now start the process of installation and ended up successfully. Afterward, use the credentials and get access to the online web portal. Now you can use all the powerful tools that enable you to monitor your friend to make sure their safety and you can save your loved ones with it. 

Use OgyMogy Best Features to Monitor Your Friend Secretly 

GPS location tracking

When it comes to knowing about the current and exact location of your friend then you can use the GPS location tracking app. It empowers you to get pinpoint location, location history with a time stamp. Moreover, you can create an electronic fence around the place where your friend is present on the MAP virtually. Moreover, you will get instant email notifications when your target person enters or leave the fence.

Live call recording

Users can record live phone calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recording software. In addition to that, you can save the data of the recorded calls of your friend to the dashboard.

Screen recording

You can get to know live activities your friend is doing in real-time using live screen recording app. Moreover, you can make short back to back videos of the cellphone screen and deliver the videos to the online web portal.

Internet history

Users can get access to the internet history of their friends and get to know about the visited websites and bookmarked webpages.

Remote surveillance

You can view installed applications, block the internet remotely, block incoming calls, and last but not the least text messages.


Users can capture screenshots remotely on the target cellphone device by scheduling plenty of screenshots at once.

IM’s VoIP call recording

Users can get access to the instant messaging apps installed on their friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend cellphone and start recording voice calls on social media apps. Users can record and listen to one-sided VoIP calls of WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Viber, Hangout, and Skype.


OgyMogy is the best tool that enables users to monitor friends without them knowing and it never gives a clue to the target device user.