Tips for Becoming a Professional Graphic Designer

Tips for Becoming a Professional Graphic Designer

Designing in any of the niches demands creativity and consistency of work. Some designers have natural gifted artistic skill and they don’t need to do too much hard work for professional graphic designing  but for matchless graphic designing a lot of practice is mandatory. With practice, they can score unheard achievement of success level and to be role model for others.

In every civilization people used to create versatile crafts meeting the criterion of that era. For a graphic design they first used to draw a basic model of their final master piece and then forward accordingly. To be a graphic designer of any level, we are sharing some tips that will guide everyone who will follow it. These tips in steps are given below.

Use of Pencil

Pencil is the basic tool in graphic designing from the begging of human civilization. Before the advent of the computer all types of drawing activities were performed with pencil. From basic to professional designing first basic sketch of the model is created with the pencil on paper. Then final proposed design is developed by the graphic designer that may be for wood work or for mud utensils.

Braining Storming

Not a single graphic designer can forward in his field if he doesn’t have habit of brain storming. In graphic designing, a designer only focuses on the tips for which he has to work to prepare final graphic draft of his work. For example, for artistic advertisement creation, he must ponder over the followings tips

  • Dimensions of the Advertisement and these dimensions should be according the information needed to adjust on the advertisement.
  • Size and style of the writing for dazzling presentation
  • If the advertisement is black and white, no need to pay heed to selection of color scheme but for colorful advertisement development, bring each color in your imagination, finalize the color scheme.
  • Aggregate ideas to adjust the images and text on the advertisement.

Keep in mind for high level graphic designing, deep brain storming is the milestone in this regard.

Vision for Work

When a graphic designer does brain storming with devotion, a vision for work will establish in his braining. For graphic designing vision play a vital role for exponential progress. This vision will be full of creative ideas and because this talent your each design will be high in quality than the previous one.

Be a Positive Professional

Research has proved that our social decision affect our professional life. The professionals those are caring and positive in their social life are also at high ranks in their professions. For graphic designing, chain of sequence of ideas is elementary requirement. With positive and healthy brain a graphic designer can dish up a creative work in his niche. So always try to throw negative thoughts in the dust bin for your eternal professional life. Save yourself from brain wandering as it may be one of the causes of failure in professional field.

Be a Computer Literal

For graphic designing in the current era, it is mandatory to get basic training in computers. In your basic training focus on the “paint tool” that is provided by the Microsoft free when you install Windows on your computer. Use each part of the tool with full devotion. Apply on the tool what you think about any creative designing. This is the stage in your life as a graphic designer from where you are to travel on the way of progress.

Get Training for a Graphic Designing Tool

There are many tools in the market that are very helpful for the basic to professional level graphic designing. Moreover, there are online as well as offline training tool available in the market and Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular tools, very useful for all types of professional graphic designing but some graphic designers don’t use it because of the following reasons.

  • This graphic design tool is very expensive and not in purchasing limits of every user.
  • A long term training sessions are required for mastering the tool
  • No web based version of the tool is available.

Because of these reasons some professional avoid the use of this tool. To fulfill this chasm some companies has introduced their web based graphic design tools that have the following features.

  • These tools are available in web based version.
  • These are light weight and can work with high efficiency if internet speed is slow sometimes.
  • Full trial version of such tools are available on the web for one month
  • No special training is required for the consistent use of these tools. A short training video is also available on the website.
  • An option of use of free stock photo or images is also embedded in these tools. For quick graphic designing you can take image from free stock photo website library, edit it according to your requirement.

We have found an online web based company Gotodesigno for basic and professional designing that has the following features

  • You can create your professional banners for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + etc , in some minutes with this tool.
  • For professional logos and icons this is one the best and recommended tool.
  • You are gifted with the option of creation of Custom YouTube Thumbnail Size with this tool as stunning YouTube Thumbnail is main reason to increase the viewers and watch time of a video. Because of dazzling YouTube Thumbnail, you can increase your conversion rate.
  • It is very low price tool and has set of free library templates that can save your time in Infographics creation.
  • You can design your CVs with this tool.
  • This is best option for those companies that want to engage themselves in high level marketing activities without hiring a professional designer.

If you have made your mind to forward as a professional graphic designer in the market, we are advising you, do your work with devotion and consistency by following the above tips.