Things to Keep in Mind Before Developing a Web Application

Things to Keep in Mind Before Developing a Web Application

This entire thing about just waiting and waiting is so self-killing. And we couldn’t have agreed more on it!

For instance, you have a revolutionary idea for web app development. You are going all excited and thrilled to start with it.

But still unable to do that and just waiting.

What is it that’s making you wait? 

It could be a lack of knowledge of the right way to do it!

Not knowing how to move ahead acts as a barrier between the ideation and its execution. You are required to cross this barrier to reach the level of implementation of your idea for your web application development.

Yet again, how to do it?

Well, landing directly on to what you have been waiting for, here we have highlighted some points that should be kept in mind before setting out on web app development.

Basic Planning

You must have heard this one before, but let’s just refresh it.

The first and one of the significant factors that you should consider while developing a web application is planning about certain basic things. It includes languages, API, frameworks to be used, integrations, topology, budget, along with the planning of which is the best web application development Company for project.

There are different sets of everything mentioned above suitable for a particular situation. It is crucial to understand what belongs where and if that fits your needs. Choose your technology and resources after the detailed research to obtain desired results.


Performance is the basis of interaction with your audiences. 

It is also considered one of the most essential web app development services when you look for a developer for your project.

Does it now make sense why performance is required to be considered? 

Better the web application’s performance, the more the audiences will be pleased!

Below are some of the areas where performance can be improved:

Load Time: Higher loading time means more trouble. It tends to make people lose interest. The loading time can be improved using lazy-loading sections or infinite scrolling. You can also use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to decrease the loading time of assets and javascript files. 

Database Queries: The database queries can be complicated sometimes. They can be helped by indexing tables, refactoring code along with optimizing the query itself.

Server-side Rendering: This can prove to be useful in situations with high traffic. A cache can be brought to use in order to store rendered pages.

Client-side Rendering: This process is useful in the case of single-page web applications that are filled up to the brim with dynamic content and a complicated front-end UX/UI.

The Right Development Partner

We may have given an idea about it before. But this particular consideration is so crucial that we couldn’t stop ourselves from highlighting it in particular. 

It can either make you climb the ladder of success or drag you down to hell!

Finding the right agency partner is essential. 

Or, it would be better to say that finding the best web app development company for your project is more beneficial because there are a plethora of them out there, but only the best can understand your needs and serve them. 

 A unit of professional and experienced developers or an individual developer equivalent to a team, both can help you overcome challenges during development and offer what you are looking for to deliver to your audiences.

Make sure that the one you choose must have 10+ years of experience, recognition, expertise, multiple specializations, awards, and success stories. Because all that together would make a company the best and let you know it as well!

First Check Then Launch

Every developer, startup, or business is battling to acquire the best spot for their creation in app downloads. 

It is a general perception that the success of a web application depends upon the kind of program it has.

However, the difference between the app that can do wonders, and that can not is just the testing. 

It doesn’t make any difference if your idea is all cool but unable to present it in terms of usage. No matter how promising it is, users wouldn’t continue with an application if it has functionality issues. 

Major issues on the app stores are related to bugs, crashes, battery problems, and reduced network catching ability. And the simple ideas can also do great if the application works properly.

Web application testing in advance allows the developers to address all these issues to avoid program failure before letting users face them. 

Security is Mandatory

The Internet is overflowing with malicious softwares and viruses.

You can not trust it with your security, and even if you can, there is a dire need for you to have your own back – protect your web application on your own. 

For example, when you go to a party, you keep your bag with someone who would keep it safe. 

The same goes for web app development. That’s why companies as well keep the security as a part of web development services on the top. 

Here are some things that need be taken into consideration to secure your web application:

  • JWT (JSON Web Token)
  • Cookies/Session Expiry 
  • Password Hashing/Salting

It can be a little challenging to deal with the security aspect. But, you don’t need to worry at the same time because there are plenty of frameworks and practices that have made it simple to achieve.


A more thoughtful approach beforehand allows you to develop consideration for the aspects that may not have crossed your mind before. 

It also allows you to accommodate all the changes your client may want with ease.

There are many more things that can be considered like Application Performance Management Software, Error Monitoring, Mobile Support + PWA (Progressive Web Application), ORM (Object Relational Mapping), and Localization. But this is a discussion for another post.

We’ll leave it here to you for you to develop your web application thoughtfully and carefully after considering all the points mentioned above.