The Ultimate Custom Bifold Closet Doors Checklist

The Ultimate Custom Bifold Closet Doors Checklist

In the latter half of the 20th century, bi-fold doors earned a terrible reputation among consumers owing to poor design and workmanship. We at Space Plus, a branch of The Sliding Door Company, have made it our mission to make that distinction obsolete. Restoring the former glory of this long-neglected room divider is our current objective. Why do we care about this thing so much? This is mainly because the bi-folding door is nothing short of amazing. With the correct design and superior construction, they can perform wonders for your decor.

Advantages of bi-fold doors include the following:

They’re Unique:

There is a form of sliding door known as a bi-folding door that opens outwards like an accordion. The panels are designed to fold against the wall rather than swing out, slide down the side, or vanish into a recess. In the past, most bi-folding doors were made out of low-quality wood, which is one of the primary reasons for their poor reputation. However, newer, improved versions, such as tempered glass, use higher-quality materials.

They make a huge entrance:

Bi-folding doors are distinct from other types of doors because they also glide horizontally in addition to folding. This action creates a significant amount of space and allows unrestricted access to the opposite side of the door. Because of this, they are perfect for covering huge walls, such as those seen in living rooms, entryways, or master suites. Because of this, bi-fold doors are the best choice for huge closets that run the length of a whole wall.

No Space Hoggers:

The glass bi-folding doors offered by Space Plus are excellent ways to save floor space, much like sliding glass doors. Although they are not as discrete as pocket doors, these doors are more space efficient than typical sliding doors since they do not need to glide against a wall next to the opening. They are ideal for spaces such as laundry rooms, mud rooms, closets, and any other location where space is at a premium. Still, full access is required because of their ability to conserve space while generating a huge aperture.

Light up a room:

Doors constructed of glass allow light to go freely from one room to the next. Because bi-folding doors take up most of a wall, if not the whole wall, the space’s appearance and atmosphere may be significantly altered due to their installation. Simply installing bi-folding glass doors is all it takes to transform a dark and stuffy environment into a bright and breezy one.

Ideal for closets:

Most likely, when you think about bi-folding doors, the first thing that comes to mind is closet doors. They are a popular option for closets because they provide access to the whole of the items contained therein, in contrast to sliding doors, which only provide access to one-half of the closet at any one moment. You can customize the dimensions, glass pattern, and frame style when you go for custom bifold closet doors.

Easy to use, safe:

To separate them, slide them apart, and succeed! An unobstructed view! Doors that won’t trap your fingers are one of the benefits of purchasing Space Plus. Our doors, in contrast to the badly constructed doors of the past, have an anti-finger-pinching mechanism that prevents your hands from becoming trapped within the folds. This keeps your fingers from being pinched or crushed.

In conclusion, our doors do not need any bottom tracks or other cumbersome suspension systems made of wood. In its place, we make use of pivots and higher wheels to ensure the smooth movement of our panels. Because of this, they are both simpler and safer to use, and you can rely on their safety!