The Tools to Rely On: PDFBear and Its Handy Functions

The Tools to Rely On: PDFBear and Its Handy Functions

Because PDFBear is the industry leader in handling PDF files and that’s why you can expect it to have the most accurate and high-quality features. Furthermore, accessing it via the internet is the most convenient option because you do not need to download anything to utilize it efficiently. So, here are a few highlights of PDFBear’s capabilities.


If you wish that your documents will last for many years, try upgrading them into PDF/A files through this conversion tool.  Users can remove unneeded features such as encryption and font liking to achieve long-term file preservation.

When you convert PDF to PDFA using this tool, you are guaranteed that PDFBear will process your PDFs the same as the original file, and you can still use them after how many years. With that said, there’s no need to worry about anything, and this online software will preserve your files in a few clicks. Use this conversion tool now!

PDF to Word

This web program will give you the best way to convert a PDF file to Word. In actuality, because there are so few online services that do this role, it’s a complex technology to grasp. With this in mind, PDFBear has made it simple for consumers to convert PDF files to Word documents. You can convert PDF files to DOCX files in less than a minute.

Solid Documents and PDFBear are partnering to address the needs of their customers, such as converting PDF files to Word documents and providing additional and other conversion services. There’s no need to be confused or under pressure because the technique is simple. So, here’s how to use the function to convert PDF to Word for free:

  1. Upload the file that needs to be converted by tapping “Select Files.”
  2. This converter will extract the scanned pages and text from the PDF file.
  3. It will take some time to complete the procedure.
  4. After the conversion process is finished, the newly converted file is ready to use.

Protect PDF

Unauthorized users should not be able to access a file containing sensitive information if it is password-protected. Apart from that, it would be best if you never revealed the password to a file to someone you don’t know. PDFBear also comes with a Protect PDF tool that can help you encrypt PDF files.

If you have files in formats such as Word, Excel, PNG, JPG, or PPT, the system will convert them to PDF files first, after which you can apply or set a password. To ensure that deciphering the code will take an eternity, make sure your password is at least nine characters long. It includes both alphabetical and numeric characters, as well as capital letters and symbols. The most efficient and effective way to keep your data hidden or confidential. Follow these four steps to make a password for your PDF file:

  1. You can get the file by hitting the “Select File” icon or dragging the file to the uploader bar.
  2. Create and memorize your ideal password, making sure to include all needed characters.
  3. To completely set the password, select “Encrypt PDF.”
  4. Then, on your computer, save the newly encrypted file. It’s that simple.

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A file presentation is required by students, employees, and even business owners, allowing them to transmit more information. This method can help you quickly share information and ensure that others understand what you want them to know about your case. Using the correct tools might make putting together your presentation a lot easier. As a result, using Powerpoint will help you create a more ordered and understandable presentation.

The only disadvantage of using Powerpoint is the size of each presentation you create, which means that distributing or sending the PPT file through email will take some time. If you convert your PPT slides to PDFs, you may send them to others instantly. Converting a PPT to PDF looks so simple with this feature. Here’s the basic approach to follow in that case:

  1. Take the PPT files in any of your devices and drop them into PDFBear’s conversion area.
  2. Your files will be scanned, extracted, and converted by PDFBear.
  3. Please be patient while the converting tool completes the procedure.
  4. The PDF document can be downloaded or viewed with a PDF reader. You may also post it to your various social media accounts.


You must understand PDFBear today to avoid any problems in the future. This online software can also help you unlock your PDF file, convert it, compress it, and even merge it. To make organizing your PDFs a snap, start using the features outlined above right immediately