The Pros of Using Decorative Veneers

The Pros of Using Decorative Veneers

If you are contemplating making furniture out of plywood or blockboard, you can give it an attractive finish by surfacing it with veneer sheets. Today, veneers are one of the most sought-after surfacing materials as they lend a classy and stylish look to furniture, besides being affordable.

In case you are wondering why wood veneers should be the first choice for surfacing, here are some advantages that you should know:

Plush Appearance

Plywood and blockboard surfaces are not as smooth as you would like them to be. So, if you are looking for furniture that has a(glossy finish has nothing to do with natural veneer. It depends upon the kind of polish one is doing on NV sheet. Please correct), using veneer sheets is the way forward. These sheets are available in myriad colors and designs, allowing you to select them based on your taste and overall décor of the room. When you apply wood veneer to your furniture, it can make it come to life.


Superior Quality

When you go for wood veneers from a reputable and well-known brand like CenturyPly, you can rest assured knowing that the quality will be great and the veneers will be long-lasting and durable. A well-known brand will always ensure that it uses the best quality wood to create the veneers, which are termite and borer resistant, so that you do not face any issues down the line.


Lends Strength

Veneers are manufactured by gluing extremely thin layers of wood together. This makes veneers strong and prevents them from warping and splitting. So, when you apply veneers on your furniture, it strengthens the furniture and makes it more durable and long-lasting.


Minimizes Wastage

When you use veneers, you reduce your carbon footprint. Veneer manufacturing minimizes wastage of wood as the sheets are made by slicing thin layers of timber. The extremely thin layers ensure better utilization of wood.


Vast Variety

Decorative veneer is available in a range of colors. Also, veneers made from one tree are similar while still being distinct. No two trees are identical and hence, veneers made from different trees are always unique, ensuring a range of choices that lend character and uniqueness to the furniture. Reconstituted veneers can be replicated to ensure continuity in your home décor designs.



Veneers purchased from reputable brands are non-hazardous as these brands do not use formaldehyde-based glue. Hence, when you use veneers to create stunning furniture, you can rest assured knowing that the sheets are completely safe to touch and use and will not pose a threat to your health and well being.



Due to extensive deforestation across the world, getting high-quality wood for furniture-making is not only expensive but also more difficult. Brands that manufacture veneers ensure that they responsibly source wood from sustainable forests. As a result, homeowners get access to eco-friendly veneers quite easily and they are able to create an effect that is similar to solid wood.


Cost-effective Alternative to Wood

Wood veneers can offer the same aesthetic appeal as wood but at a fraction of the cost. Since veneers are applied only on the surface, it makes the overall cost of making designer furniture more affordable compared to hardwood. This is one of the main reasons many designers are gradually shifting to veneers to make stunning furniture.


In Conclusion

Wood veneers are an integral part of the furniture-making industry due to their affordability and versatility. If you are looking to make your furniture stand out and get compliments from guests, veneers are the way forward and that too without breaking the bank.