The Best Bikes For Daily Commutes

The Best Bikes For Daily Commutes

Many people love the idea of driving their car less and riding their bike more; not only does such a transition help the environment, but it also keeps people healthy. However, before switching from car to bicycle, it pays to review some of the varying styles of bikes. While some might already have their hearts set on a 26 inch commuter bike, it is worth reviewing other options.

1. Commuter or Road Bike

A women’s or men’s commuter bike is the obvious choice for a commute. It has a thin build with minimal gears and is designed for smooth, flat or paved surfaces. Similarly, the road bike provides a simplistic design and a convenient build for those interested in more top-of-the-line options.

2. Cruiser

A cruiser bike is not built for speed as much as it is for comfort. The pedals have a forward placement, with the seat set somewhat back on the frame and the handlebars curved to allow the rider to sit upright. These bikes, by name and definition, are built for cruising, for leisure. However, for the short commute, a cruiser might be an excellent choice.

3. Adult Trike

How much do you need to bring with you to the office? Can you fit all you need in a backpack, or do you need to carry multiple devices, paperwork, and cumbersome cargo? Additionally, how is your balance?

An urban electric tricycle exporter or a traditional adult trike is a wonderful option for people who need to carry many items to the office. Additionally, if you have issues with balance, the trike can provide the confidence necessary to get you from point A to B.

If you have problems mounting a bicycle, an easy access trike might be just what you need. With a lower crossbar and a stable frame, people who struggle to get their leg over the middle bar will have an easier time.

4. Electric Bike

If you have a distance to travel to and from work, you might consider an electric bike. These bikes come in a variety of styles and offer both pedal-assist and full power models. Many electric models can hold a charge for over 30 miles, and with advances in technology, some brands are claiming to achieve up to 70 miles on a single charge, meaning your work commute should not be a problem.

While most people can get to work on a single charge, it is possible the battery will not be enough to help you get back home. However, with quick recharging, typically under two hours, your bike will be ready by the time you are set to leave the office.


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5. Folding Bike

A folding bike might not be the best option for everyone, but they do come in traditional and electric models. The primary benefit of a folding bike is storage. It is easy to transport these lightweight bikes into and out of the office.

Are you ready to try cycling to work? If so, head over to your local bicycle shop and ask for some help selecting the style and fit that is right for your commute.