Restaurant Billing Systems in the New Normal – 2023

Restaurant Billing Systems in the New Normal – 2023

The function of a restaurant billing software is not confined to billing anymore. A modern day restaurant management system helps you manage multiple areas. To name a few it ranges from billing to order management and inventory handling to loyalty programs. 

The essence of restaurant billing systems is that the invoices are issued from a browser, an online invoicing program. So the program does not need to be installed or downloaded, but the entire workflow can be accessed and performed online.

Key benefits of a restaurant management software

Accepts multiple modes of payments – 

Post the outbreak of Covid-19, restaurant customers have become quite cautious about dining out. As per the survey report by ET Hospitality World, 60% of them would prefer digital wallets over cash or card payments. The beauty of the digital, cloud based restaurant management Software Inresto POS is that it accepts payments from all platforms such as cash, debit/credit card and digital wallets such as Google Pay and Paytm.  

Seamless processing of orders 

Since stepping out is risky, nowadays diners prefer to order food online. Hence, managing orders from multiple platforms such as your restaurant website, social media platforms and third party sources such as Swiggy and Zomato can be quite tedious. No worries as the restaurant management software enables smooth processing of orders with absolutely no delays.

Platform independent –

One of the great benefits of restaurant billing systems is that it is completely platform independent. It doesn’t matter if you have Windows, OS X or Linux installed on your machine, as the program can be accessed from a browser. It doesn’t matter if we want to bill on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, all we need is an internet connection.

Live tracking of inventory – 

The platform lets you track your stock levels live from any location, anytime. Be alerted when it’s time to replenish your inventory. As soon as you place the fresh orders of stock, the inventory level get updated automatically. The system enables optimum utilisation of inventory and prevents inventory wastage. The supplies and raw materials are now quite secure with the system. Hence no need to worry about inventory theft.

Customise your loyalty program – 

The diners need a strong reason to come back to your restaurant. Rewarding customers with loyalty points can boost your footfalls enormously. As per the study by National Restaurant Association, 30% of the restaurants offer some kind of loyalty program. Now customise your loyalty program and offer the feature of instant redemption. Identify those customers who frequent your restaurant. Extend special offers and discounts for them. 

Comfortable –

Restaurant billing systems have a number of features that make everyday life really convenient and simple. For example, you can track invoices sent via email so you can see if the recipient has received, viewed, or downloaded our invoice. You can schedule automatic reminders, set up recurring invoices, easily keep track of which invoices have been settled or which ones have expired, give you individual permissions, send invoices to the accountant with a few keystrokes, and more.

Cheaper –

Most restaurant billing systems are also capable of sending e-invoices, so invoices issued do not need to be printed, enveloped, or mailed, they can be emailed to the recipient. This can save you a lot of money even if you add the price of timestamps that authenticate e-invoices.

Modern and innovative –

Restaurant billing systems is without a doubt only a modern and innovative solution that makes invoicing significantly faster and easier. While there are still some who cling to outdated, unassuming and risky handheld account blocks, over time, they too need to make friends with the new directions. 

Parting Words  

With an all-in-one restaurant management system experience a significant increase in efficiency and a never before increase in sales.