Rechargeable Headlamps Gears for Your Trek | Olight Tactical

Rechargeable Headlamps Gears for Your Trek | Olight Tactical

Going on a trek or hiking you will prepare the backpack list of gears, then a headlamp will always be on the top of your list as you will want one after the sun-set to illuminate your trail and make your target visible. Feeling free while running or riding the track with the illuminating trail will fill more enthusiasm on your trip but imagine dripping the bright light during the initial hours of the night. Nothing can be that scary than the dark in the all wild woods.

Choosing the best headlamps needs some key aspects to keep in mind. Let’s pick out the key aspects-


Choosing the rechargeable battery will keep you in benefit and will be convenient in charging giving a long life to the best bike lights You just need to carry power support and you can give life to the running battery anytime anywhere just with the USB cable.

Olight Perun 2 headlamp has a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery that gives the running back up for long hours without dripping the battery level.


The lumens decide the brightness of the flashlight. LED headlamps are available in multiple varieties like a single bulb or multiple LEDs. Different lumens are suitable to accomplish the different tasks determining the beam length.

Choose the perfect lumen range for your job/ trek in the Olight tactical store that is engineered with the latest technology features.

Beam pattern & modes

The beam pattern has two- wide flood and narrow spot beam modes. Wide flood mode is ideal for general camping, reading, trekking tasks while the narrow spot beam is used to provide a tightly focused beam on the target for absolute visibility.

Olight headlamps are available with unique beam patterns using optical lenses to give you 360 degrees of illumination. The different modes like brightness level, battery level indicator, laser beam, and colorful focus lights are available in the headlamps.

Body durability and strap

Before choosing the headlamps, consider the water resistibility and temperature variability so that the torch doesn’t heat in difficult situations. The strap material is also to be considered as it is going to be tightly bound on your head, keep in mind that the headlamp is lightly weighted so your head doesn’t feel irritated or sweaty after an hour of walking.

Orun Perun versions come up with the three-in-one detachable mount body/ strap that can be used head-mounted, strip-mounted, or hand-held as per your requirement. Also, the body is proven shock-resistant and 1-meter waterproof.

The proximity detection feature of the Olight rechargeable headlamp will surely save the flashlight life and will not intrude on others. Olight store has a long variety of tactical, compact flashlights, headlamps, EDC, searchlights, police tactical flashlights, bike flashlights, etc. are available to pick the best fit for your gig. Get the warranty and other beneficiaries on the rechargeable headlamps from the online store.