Reasons why Desserts Can Make you Happy

Reasons why Desserts Can Make you Happy

Desserts are dreams! The sweet indulgence is a treat to your taste buds. Each bite is a bliss! It’s a face that whenever you are in a bad mood, desserts come to rescue. Be it a slice of cake or ice cream or a gulab jamun or whatever it is, any dessert is capable of boosting your mood. It is proven that desserts make anyone and everyone happy. So, the next time you feel guilty about having desserts, then read these ways how desserts can make you happy. Grab any dessert while you read this article, in case you crave for one.

Desserts Improves Your Mood

It is proven that desserts put you in a good mood. Researchers have found that chocolates, the number one craved sweets in the world improves your mood instantly. It causes the brain to release endorphins. So, if you are feeling low or under the weather, go take a bite of your favorite chocolate (preferably dark chocolate). Remember not to eat too much .

Good For your Heart

Another good and healthy reason for eating desserts is that it is good for your heart. Eating just one piece of dark chocolate everyday can actually help reduce the risk of heart stroke in the long run. According to a study it was found that people who consume dark chocolate more often were less likely to suffer a heart stroke than those who don’t.

It lowers blood pressure

Another reason for eating desserts is that it lowers your blood pressure. Having just a bite is enough to reduce your blood pressure, although just a little bit. A jar of dark chocolate never seemed more delicious and appealing, did it? Craving a dark chocolate mousse? Of course, bring it on!

Helping you live longer

Research shows that if you eat sweets and desserts once or twice in a month, you’ll live longer than those who don’t eat desserts at all. So, what’s in desserts that helps you live longer? It’s the antioxidant phenol and the chocolate ingredient cacao. Cacao reduces the amount of low-density lipoprotein — the good cholesterol — that your body oxidizes. It also enhances your immune function.

Real sugar is better than fake sugar

If you are going to eat some sugar for a dessert, you should choose one that contains real sugar instead of artificial sweeteners. These artificial sweeteners are added to many sweets under the false pretense that they are healthy for you. Chemicals in these additives can pose health risks down the line. So, go for real desserts instead of fake.

Few Bite is all it Takes

Surely you do not eat your entire birthday cake by yourself. You have one bite and share it with your family and friends. It’s not mandatory to have it all to enjoy the delicious taste. A few bite is enough to satiate your cravings.

To ensure that you enjoy your cake and also stay healthy, eat small portions and make it a habit and watch your shape while you eat your cake. If you are already craving for one right now, order cake online bangalore or wherever you reside and enjoy your delicious delight ( do share it with your friends and family).