Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Kolkata

Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Kolkata

Preschools tend to be profitable and bring a steady financial return; just make sure your research the business thoroughly to make sure it has an excellent reputation and meets its set standards before making a decision.

After doing exhaustive research on the top preschool franchise opportunities in Kolkata we have sorted our 5 best preschool chains offering world class and profitable franchises.

Ease of doing business, profitability, post sales support, curriculum offered etc are some of the key pointers taken into consideration while choosing them.

Here goes the list

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare is one of the premier franchise preschools in India with a national presence, dedicated to nurturing bright minds through advanced pedagogy to prepare children for school and life. Their proven business model offers excellent returns.

The company provides franchisees with numerous benefits, such as support systems, training and marketing assistance. Their franchise system makes an ideal home for educational entrepreneurs with a passion for working with children. Furthermore, they also offer assistance with property identification and setup.

Footprints offers students an intimate learning environment with an unparalleled student-teacher ratio of 1:10. Their research-based curriculum encourages active participatory learning that’s critical for shaping young minds; in fact, its Highscope curriculum has become widely renowned as helping them explore their interests and become lifelong learners.

Footprints employs an innovative pedagogy backed by clinical studies to promote brain development – which should be completed to 90 percent by age five. They provide a safe and sanitized learning space with rigorous safety infrastructure as well as stringent hiring criteria that include medical tests and background checks for staff members.

This company boasts an exceptional success rate for their franchise partners, with no closures in five years and an exceptional Net Promoter Score. Furthermore, they pioneered a hybrid preschool franchise business model which marries elements from both company operation and franchise ownership models for unparalleled scalability thanks to unique demand generation strategies, premium pricing policies and admission guarantees for franchise owners.

Little Millenium Preschool

Little Millennium is one of India’s premier preschool chains, providing safe, structured learning environments for toddlers and preschoolers alike. Their aim is to help children build strong foundations for future success – with franchise opportunities in various locations – including Kolkata! Simply complete and submit an application form directly to them as your first step!

Once approved, the next step should be selecting a location and securing zoning permissions, before recruiting staff that share your passion for education and childcare. Your franchise provides training programs for employees as well as help with recruitment processes; additionally marketing support will ensure maximum business exposure.

Little Millenium Preschool franchise investment offers an exceptional way to capitalize on the rising demand for quality childcare and education services. Boasting a proven system, this franchise is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for nurturing young minds. If you would like more information, reach out to Franchisebazar today where our experts will be more than happy to answer all your queries about this franchise opportunity!


Education is one of the most lucrative industries in India. By applying your skills, knowledge and experience in this area to starting a preschool business in Kolkata with success is achievable if you understand young children’s needs while providing quality education – franchising can help ensure this.

EuroKids Pre-school Chain, established in 2001, has grown into one of the premier education brands in India. Focused on providing children with an engaging learning experience that builds their cognitive, social and emotional capabilities; its pedagogy integrates mind, body and soul; EuroKids is committed to providing its students a safe environment in which to learn.

Starting a EuroKids franchise can be an exciting and fulfilling way to break into the education business and make an impactful difference in children’s lives. EuroKids provides its franchisees with comprehensive support services including full-time operations support team, curriculum and teaching aids, training assistance and marketing help as well as special introductory offers to get them going with their franchise venture.

EuroKids franchises typically require an initial investment of between Rs 12-20 lakh depending on your school model, including a one-off franchise fee and associated cost of ambience costs. You will require a 2,000 sq.ft premise with six classrooms that meets company requirements regarding staffing costs and other operational expenses.

Bachpan Play School

Bachpan Play School is a preschool franchise that provides children with a safe, fun, and educational environment. Additionally, they provide extracurricular activities and trips/excursions designed to expose them to real life in all its complexity and beauty such as visiting banks, railway stations, zoos for educational purposes; additionally they use innovative tools such as its Speak-O-Kit made up of talking books and nanotech pens – perfect examples!

Curriculum at this school is structured to help children grow rapidly and prepare them for future challenges, with lessons on being independent and creative taught alongside compassion and social responsibility education. Furthermore, parents can find many useful resources here that will assist them in raising happy and healthy kids.

Company, founded two decades ago and operating for two decades now, strives to remain at the forefront of modern teaching methods by incorporating cutting-edge technologies. For instance, this school was one of the first schools to use e-learning prior to Covid; additionally its students can access Virtual Reality technology. Furthermore, their unique concept room system helps children learn through hands-on experience.

Bachpan Play School stands out among preschool franchise options with its low fees. This makes it a good investment choice, since its franchise fees are lower than other brands’ and can help save you money and reduce risk. But keep in mind that all preschool franchises require substantial commitment and patience from investors.

Maple Bear

Maple Bear provides a global education franchise designed to prepare young minds for an expansive future. Based in Canada and bilingual educational, its international program and extensive support make for an exceptional learning experience for students worldwide – making Maple Bear one of the ideal choices when selecting education franchises in Kolkata.

Selecting a preschool franchise is a serious investment, one which should be undertaken after careful research. The ideal franchises will have strong roots within their communities and a proven record for providing top-quality education services, while offering comprehensive support to new franchisees so they can launch their business successfully and reach their goals.

Entrepreneurs looking for an education franchise business opportunity may find the education franchise industry attractive, especially in areas with low competition and high demand. Preschool profitability depends on various factors including location, revenue generation and operational costs – to maximize profits owners should understand industry nuances as well as invest in schools with proven success histories.

When selecting a school franchise, take time to carefully consider its curriculum, teaching approach and other important factors. A strong reputation for quality can attract parents while yielding a substantial return on investment. In addition, schools that serve a diverse student population can foster community involvement while increasing brand loyalty.

Starting a Maple Bear school requires making an initial investment that covers costs such as infrastructure, teaching aids and staff recruitment. While this initial sum may seem substantial, investing in an established education franchise may help avoid many of the pitfalls that accompany starting one from scratch.