Prakash generator 12.5 kva price and Features

The 12.5kVA generator sets make use of industries together with construction, strength, and medium-length industries. To fulfill your power backup desires people purchase Prakash 12.5 KVA generator. You should buy Standard the Diesel Generator of the finest excellent and relaxation assured to get great in phrases of both sturdiness and performance. A Genset is to be had for diverse types & designs to keep the continuity of energy in your workplace. 

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12.5kVA Prakash Genset features:

  • Best in class fuel efficiency
  • Lowest safety and problem-free product
  • Quick and inexpensive doorstep company coverage
  • Unmatched space efficiency
  • Best block Load capability
  • The contemporary technical Design of the gensets for clean and rapid accessibility.
  • Provide clean, reliable & efficient energy
  • Easy initially controller-based easy push start
  • The turbines are available in the three-segment and Single section.
  • Rugged & strong layout of DG sets.

Prakash 12.5kVA generator specification

Power rating 12.5 kVA
Output Three-phase
Fuel Diesel
Type Manual
No. of cylinder 2
Method of cooling Oil cooling
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 320 V
Cooling Water cooling
Rated Speed 1500 RPM
Alternator Magnetic
Noise Non-silent
Engine Power 20 hp Oil Engine
Application Commercial and Manufacturing


12.5kVA Kirloskar generator specification


Brand Kirloskar
Power rating 12.5 kVA
Output Single, three-phase
Fuel Petrol, Diesel
Type Automatic
No. of cylinder 2
Method of cooling Water and Air cooling
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated speed 1500 RPM
Insulation Class H
Voltage 320 V
Alternator Brushless
Noise Sound-proof
Application Home, business and small Manufacturing

12.5kVA Diesel Genset 

Brand Mahindra, Koel, Honda
Power rating 12.5kVA
Output Single phase, three phase
Fuel Diesel, Propane, Natural gas
Type Automatic, semi automatic
No. of cylinder 2
Method of cooling Air, water and Liquid cooling
Frequency 50 Hz
Rated speed 1500 RPM
Insulation Class H
Voltage 320 V
Alternator Brushless
Noise Silent
Application Business and Industrial

You should know before hiring a 12.5kVA Genset on rent :

Renting the generator that you want means on the spot you get entry to the energy that can preserve your site. You’ll get the exact product you need because you’ll have a crew of professionals to help you make that evaluation and health is considered one of many top-tier options for your needs. There’s no new financing legwork, coverage or warranties to purchase. The pleasant part of all? When your painting is done, you get to return the generator, and you’re not out a large rate to restore a brief problem.

  • Before taking a generator on rent usually gets positive the generator has been first-rate tested with a load bank for proper processes prior to shipment.
  • The 12.5 KVA generators must be washed, easy and visually tested. Rental customers have a propensity to need religion in a generator device that appears unheard for.
  • The generator is to be well maintained and all fluids and filters must be in the proper position. The continuous everyday carrier is typically the obligation of the customers however the rental enterprise should make sure that the duty is set up upon and understood.
  • Check the carbon monoxide production degree of the generator. Always carry out generators outside and away from buildings, homes.
  • To lease a generator You should select a reliable dealer for having a pleasant deal.
  • Make sure the provider provides all the proper add-ons to apply the generator safely.


Generators are used as the backup electricity sources that can convert gasoline delivery. Different varieties of fuel Such as diesel, petro, gasoline, etc can be used to supply the electricity. With much less gas consumption they provide uninterrupted power delivery at an affordable charge. In India, there are exceptional brands to be had that offer 7.five kVA generators at special prices, where you may choose the generator according to your choice and need. For understanding greater approximately the fee of turbines you could visit the EO Energy website.