Popular Payment Methods on Indian Sportsbooks

Popular Payment Methods on Indian Sportsbooks

Most Indian punters join sites with different intentions. For most punters, besides winning some cash, they look at how convenient the bookie is for payment methods. The worst experience for any gambler is when you want to withdraw your won amount, but the payment method you used experiences delays for some reason you can’t control. It sucks, right?

So, if you’re an Indian punter looking for the most popular and best payment methods to use on Indian bookies or sports exchanges sites like Mountbet.com or Betfair.com, you’re at the right place. We have prepared this review of the popular payment methods acceptable on most Indian-friendly sites. Have a look. 

Most Common Payments on Indian Sites. 

India is home to hundreds of both local and international sports  sites. You want a bookie that allows INR as one of the currencies. The most common deposit and withdrawal options on most Indian sites are debit/credit cards, bank wired transfers, e-wallets, or prepaid cards. But there are newer options that favour Indian punters, as you’ll see in this section. 

Credit and Debit Cards 

Most sportsbooks have credit and debit cards as the main payment options. These are easy and convenient ways to deposit money into your casino account. All you must do is enter the 16-digit card number on the required field and a few more details. The most common cards used on most bookies in India include Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay, Rupay, and Amex cards. 

UPI & IMPS Bank Wired Transfer

UPS stands for Unified Payments Interface, and IMPS is Immediate Payment Service. These are two of India’s most popular real-time payment systems. The quick processing time of the UPI online bank makes it convenient. To use it, open a UPI account with a UPI-connected bank. For IMPS money transfers, you need an account number and IFSC code for your chosen site.

UPI and IMPS are two of the most secure casino payment options available, which is why they are so popular in the Indian online gambling market. This payment method also has low fees and quick money transfers.


Neteller India is one of the top-rated digital payment services  in India. For Indian punters who prefer e-wallet payment methods to deposit and withdraw funds


Paytm is unique among payment systems in that it has its own gaming platform with a variety of gaming options. Paytm sites allow you to deposit and wager on your favourite sporting events. Paytm casinos and sportsbooks, in other words, are Paytm-accepting online and gaming businesses. 

This payment tool is free, and users can fund their Paytm accounts in various ways. Paytm allows you to load your account with cash, which is a helpful feature for certain bettors. Now, all you have to do is locate their dealer and hand over the cash.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Crypto is the new in-thing that’s taking online payment services by storm. Most sites in India and beyond are incorporating crypto-payment services for players. Today, you can deposit or fund your account using popular coins like Bitcoin, Etherium, Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and other emerging cryptocurrencies. 

One of the main advantages of using crypto as a payment service is that you transact anonymously on bookies or other platforms. Also, crypto deposits and withdrawals are super-fast, and the processing fees are quite low. You only need to ensure that the online casino you want to sign up for accepts crypto payments. 

Wrap Up

There are more payment options that Indian punters can use besides the ones discussed here, such as Net Banking. All you need is to find out the payment method that is most convenient for you. Newer and better options are coming up every other day, but security and convenience are the most important metrics when considering a payment option.