Planning Your Wedding Dance: 5 Ways To Include The Marathi Dance At Your Wedding

Planning Your Wedding Dance: 5 Ways To Include The Marathi Dance At Your Wedding

Dances are an integral part of any Indian wedding. Most of the dances include the couple, their family, and friends- all dancing their hearts out in delight, celebrating the coming together of two people and two families. To be very specific, the regional folk dance, Lavani, is a crowd favourite. The dance form enjoys a deep root with the Marathi community where the women perform to high energy rhythm, all decked up in the Maharashtrian Paithani saree. 

Both Bollywood and traditional Marathi songs greatly influence all these wedding night festivities. Whether it’s the mehndi night or the cocktail eve, dance moves add grandiose and panache to the event. 

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The Marathi dance form has become an integral part of any Marathi matrimony. Here’s a detailed breakdown of feasible ways through which you can include Marathi dance into your wedding, 

1. Go With An Opening Act

The most effective way to introduce the dance in your wedding is by presenting a performance in the opening act. You can always hire professional dance artists for your ensemble performance. You can choose this for any of the big nights at the wedding. There’s no denying that the dance effectively serves the events by setting up a fun tone for the whole occasion. 

When you get the professional dancers, you are essentially leveraging their skills to put up a show. They also know how to engage the audience’s attention- they have effective tricks to get everyone to the dance floor. It is essential to mention that the Marathi dance performance can be a fitting choice for the brides who wish to present an elegant essence to the sober function.

2. DIY For A Fantastic Mehndi

DIY is an excellent idea when developing an entertaining dance mix for the wedding night. There’s no denying that Indians love to dance- their only demand is an enthusiastic company and a fun tune. Both of these are possible at a Marathi matrimony ceremony. 

3. The Choreographed Dance

Choreographed dances are primarily reserved for the brides who want to put up a Marathi dance at their wedding. There’s no denying that opting for Marathi dance over the much familiar Bollywood songs will straightaway make your dance performance one of a kind and memorable. When you choose a regional over the pan Indian options, you tap into the traditional sentiments with your performance. 

4. Maharashtrian Theme Event

Gujarati Garba and Punjabi cocktails nights have become everyday affairs with Indian weddings, all thanks to the Bollywood movies.  It’s only about time that Marathi theme weddings make their mark on the picture. You can call for a Maharashtrian theme function for the wedding with Marathi bridal jewellery and Marathi dance. Make sure you have a curated playlist with Marathi songs to draw all your guests for some Marathi dance.

5. Couple Dance Performance

Whether it’s a rich Indian fat wedding or a western church wedding, there’s no doubt that the couple’s performance is the most extraordinary and coveted performance of the event. Most weddings feature the special couple dancing to romantic numbers. It would be best if you only chose the Marathi songs that will allow you to tell your story. 

There’s no need for one to be an ace dancer to put up a show. If you or your partner are not the best dancers- don’t worry. You can hold each other, attempt a series of Marathi go-to steps, and that will be enough. It would be best if you didn’t ignore it for the sake of hesitation.

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Some Last-Minute Steps to Plan for the Marathi Wedding Dances.

1. Choose Your Wedding Dances

It is essential to mention that couples try to stage selective wedding dances at their wedding more often than not. Hence you must make up your mind upon the dance routines that you would want to prepare for your reception.

2. Book Your Choreographer

Wedding dances are a lifetime event that makes endless memories. Hence most people give their best effort to make their dance routines perfect. It would be best if you hire a choreographer for your wedding dance. It is essential to mention that you might be a part-time dancer, but you must begin the training early. This is primarily due to the unpredictability that seeps in as the wedding comes closer. 

3. Reach Out To Involved Participants

Lastly, it would be best to note that all the participants will perform at the event.  Encourage them to practice with a brief time in their hands to master their steps. 

The Bottom Line

Wedding performances are all about celebration and happiness. You might have the zest and the aim to perform to the dot, but don’t forget to have fun in between.