Pay all your utility bills from one place without stepping out

Pay all your utility bills from one place without stepping out

No matter where you live, paying the utility bills is a responsibility you cannot get rid of. There was a time when paying the utility bills meant you had to stand in the queues for hours. However, those days are just memories now. These days, you can pay your utility bills through apps. The only confusion that people these days come across is choosing an app that can prove to be a reliable one.

From the plethora of apps, you can choose Airtel Thanks App as your app to pay utility bills. Here are some reasons that will justify choosing this App over other apps.

  • User-friendly: Airtel Thanks App is very user-friendly. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily use this App without any problems. You can install the App from Google Play Store or iOS App Store and log in to it with the help of your phone number which will then be followed by the OTP that you receive in your phone number.
  • Secure: The App is secure. This means, when you pay your utility bills through this App, you will not have to worry about your money getting stuck or the bill not being paid. You can rest assured that you will not lose your money and your bill will be paid without a glitch.
  • Cashback and offers: With every payment, you can expect to get cashback, coupon, or some kind of offer. This will help you to save some money that you can use in the next bill payment.
  • Zero downtime: Many apps take a lot of time in completing a bill payment. However, it does not happen with Airtel Thanks App. It will take hardly one minute to complete the full payment process.
  • Sending notifications is easy: email is the most popular business communication tool for the past two decades. Email has been widely used by businesses to communicate with their customers. Some even abused it. Email has suffered from a decline in effectiveness. Its open rates and click rates are constantly falling.

    There’s no need to be worried.

    Enter Notifications via mobile app.

    There are two types of notifications: in-app and push. Both offer exciting options for communicating with app users in an easier and less intrusive way.

  • Ability to work offline: This is the biggest difference between an app and a mobile website. Apps may also require internet connectivity in order to complete their tasks. However, users can still access basic content and functionality using offline mode.

    Let’s look at the banking app as an example.

    You can use the app to calculate your tax, determine your loan limit, and even calculate installments. These features are available even without an internet connection.

  • Design Freedom: Mobile websites, despite all technological advances in web design, still rely heavily on browsers for basic functions. Mobile websites rely on browser features such as ‘back button’,’refresh button’, and ‘address bars’ to function.

    These restrictions are not applicable to mobile apps.

    An app for mobile devices can have many functions. They are based on advanced gestures such as ‘tap’,’swipe’, ‘drag’, ‘pinch’, ‘hold’ and others.

  • Brand presence: Mobile devices are where users spend the majority of their time. It is safe to say that most users use the apps installed on their mobile devices almost daily. These frequent encounters can be seen as a branding opportunity. Even though users may not be actively using an app on their mobile device, they will still remember the brand associated with it. The app’s icon acts as a mini-advertisement to the brand.

    Apps on users’ devices can influence their subconscious perception of a brand.

Airtel Thanks App is one of the best services offered by Airtel. The App has made the lives of Airtel users easier. As the other features of the App are concerned, you can also recharge a phone number from other telecom operators through this App. On each recharge, you can get attractive cashback offers. The App can be called a one-stop solution for various recharge and bill payments. From mobile and DTH recharge to postpaid, broadband, and utility bill payments, you can do everything seamlessly through this App.

As you use Airtel Thanks App, you also get to enjoy various Airtel Thanks Rewards. What’s more? Airtel Thanks App is also a wonderful App for music lovers. As you enter the App, you can scroll down and select the Explore tab. As you go to the next page, you can get access to the Wynk music app. You can find various genres of music on this app and use it for free. Apart from all these, you can also get access to Airtel Payments Bank through this App, and use it for transferring money to other bank accounts from the comfort of your home.

Airtel Thanks App is one of the best apps that you can use these days. You can install the App today on your phone and enjoy the services.