Money Heist Season 4 Download Torrent – All Episodes

Money Heist Season 4 Download Torrent – All Episodes

Money Heist has come back to Netflix on April 3, 2020 with its Money Heist fourth season. The fierce Spanish series is among the most prominent titles on Netflix. Also recognized as La Casa De Papel, has proved to be one of the best originals by the streaming giant, Netflix. The series pursues a gang of cons and robbers who are directed by a mystery man, who expresses himself as the Professor.

In the fourth season of Money Heist, the story discovers two drama-filled major heists. While the last seasons halted at convincing notes and cliff-hangers, season four confused many fans with its heart-breaking content.

All episodes of the Money Heist season 4 premiered on 3 April and  run in India at 12:30 PM on Netflix. The new season has eight episodes in total.

The trailer of the new season of Money Heist, which is the English subtitle of Netflix strike Spanish reveal La casa de Papel, promises a lot of explosive episodes with non-stop drama, and a lot of twists and turns as the heist nears the endgame.

First off all, It comes with subtitles that say that Oslo and Stockholm talk in Russian if they are Serbian. Those speeches although they refer to the same group (Slavonic), are NOT mutually understandable when spoken. A brilliant cast to audio dub, as recent, is in Spanish. A great fiction of the world’s biggest money heist in the record, hitting a Spanish bank and printing millions of euros, which they plan on escaping with.

Along with startling twists and turns as well as limited love stories, this makes this a popular series!

Money Heist Season 4 Cast

Here is the list of who else will exist in the show:

  • Ursula Corbero comes back as narrator Silene Oliveira (Tokyo)
  • Itziar Ituno as Raquel Murillo (Lisbon),
  • Alvaro Morte as Salvador Martin (The Professor)
  • Jaime Lorente as Daniel Ramos (Denver)
  • Darko Peric as Yashin Dasayev (Helsinki)
  • Pedro Alonso as Andres de Fonollosa (Berlin)
  • Miguel Herran as Anibal Cortes (Rio)
  • Esther Acebo as Monica Gaztambide (Stockholm)
  • Mario de la Rosa as Suarez

Episodes of Money Heist Season 4 Download

  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8

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 Details of Money Heist Season 4:

 TV Series: Money Heist Season 4

Network: Netflix

Creator: Álex Pina

Main Stars: Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Florencia Nocetti

Genres: Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Country: Spain

Language: Serbian, English, Spanish, Russian

Release Date: 3 April 2020 (Netflix)

Season: 4

Episodes: 8

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100%

Facebook Rating: 4.9/5

Google Rating: 97% liked this TV show

Filming Locations: Madrid, Spain

Also Known As Money Heist, Money Heist Season 4, La Casa de Papel

Money Heist Season 4 Plot:

In La Casa de Papel (otherwise remembered as Money Heist), a meeting of incredibly difficult to miss looters attack the Factory of Moneda and Timbre to perform the absolute best burglary throughout the entire life of Spain and fetch home 2.4 billion euros.


 Money Heist is one of the best American Action-Thriller TV Series. Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Florencia Nocetti are the main staff of Money Heist Season 4. Let the uproar begin.