Looking for an eStore Software Development Tool to create an eCommerce Shopping Cart?

Looking for an eStore Software Development Tool to create an eCommerce Shopping Cart?

If you run a physical store be it a retail or wholesale, you decide what services, products have to be offered. You decide upon what should be the design of the store, how to arrange the stock and how to manage space and make the best use of the available one. Similarly, you can do eStore software development tools. But, there are hundreds of which one to choose is the real struggle one has to face when starting fresh.

Otherwise, there are always the cases where eCommerce entrepreneurs just go for an eCommerce shopping cart development tool just because of its popularity.

But, it may be dangerous for one’s pocket as a major set of the eCommerce shopping cart development tools may provide many essential eStore software features for high prices or may be the feature are itself not available and the eCommerce shopping cart owner has to rely on third-party plugins. One such all-rounder platform is Sellacious. 

It is an open-source platform which enables you to either code or just adjust the frontend template yourself with the easy to use template editor. All you need to do is drag-and-drop the front end UI components and change the styling according to your preference.

You can easily sell unlimited number of physical and digital goods, comprising the rental, auction, booking, and the appointment services. For the payment processing, EMI from certified banks, debit/credit card, Amazon, Paypal, Paytm, could be used that could be available through various payment gateways.

There are more than 65 payment gateways to choose from and Sellacious charges 0% transaction fee on any product sale. In the long run, an online store created using it could be economical, auto-upgradable, and easily maintainable. Every process from order status management, inventory stock management and alert on exhaustion, coupon, shipment, and tax calculation is automated to ease out the operations. Administrators could look into the logs and generate audit reports easily. Almost every plugin compatible with Joomla could be integrated with this tool. 

Why is it better than others?

There are very few shopping cart softwares available in the market that would charge only for what a store owner consumes. This eStore software charges for what is subscribed and the webspace brought into utilization. Scalability could be prescribed by the store admin to meet low or high traffic demands and they would be charged exactly they consumed.

There are absolutely no hidden charges like any other platform, let say, BigCommerce which tends to increase their monthly subscription charges whenever the traffic tends to increase irrespective of the fact a visitor makes a purchase or not. 

The platform is based on the most extensible, versatible, agile, and easier-to-use CMS named Joomla which enables a  web store owner to create fully potential and powerful websites and web applications. It is just a 15 minutes effort to start with your own web store with this online application builder.

Just download the quickstart package, host the extracted version in the site folder of your own or Sellacious provided online or  local hosting/server. After a few configurations of database and the prerequisite Sellacious dashboard for an admin user will be ready to upload products, create subcategories and categories, define variants for a product and this could be done without any prior technical knowledge. 

Sellacious is designed as such that any user be it an admin or any other defined role could access and utilize it very easily. The best user experience practices have been kept in mind while designing the dashboard and the most interesting fact to know is that Sellacious has been constantly evolving with the recommendation of its users and top-notch consultants. 

Omnichannel, PWA Compliant. You think, we fulfill!

Custom fields form including the registration forms for vendors could be created. Storefront template could be modified with an easy to use drag-and-drop empowered template editor.

The features could be enabled or disabled with plugs available at moderator’s end (admn or vendor) and preview so as to review the overall impact could be held before taking the changes on the live site. An omnichannel, PWA compliant best shopping cart is still the dream of any MSMEs and definitely this could be fulfilled when using Sellacious. Without any hassle.