Latest UI UX Design Trends To Dominate In 2023

Latest UI UX Design Trends To Dominate In 2023

UI UX design trends keep on changing with time. It is best to stay in accordance with the latest trends. It is necessary to stay trendy and up-to-date. Customers stay interested and engage if you look presentable and trendy. Do not let your audience slip away to your competitors. 

Opt these latest UI UX design trends to dominate in 2021- 

  • Virtual Reality 

Almost everyone is familiar with virtual reality these days thanks to VR games. These games using virtual reality are so exciting to play. VR headsets have become so popular. Similarly, virtual reality has potential of becoming popular in other fields too. 

Many companies are experimenting with VR and will use more of it in future. One of these companies is Facebook. In 2021, Virtual Reality will become more popular among tech companies. 

  • Storytelling 

In earlier times, brands remained professional in front of their customers. But these days, brands want to be more friendly and approachable. So, opting storytelling to build a better relationship with the target audience is becoming popular in 2021. 

Brands use stories to interact with the audience and let them understand better about the brand’s missions and message in a creative manner. This builds emotional connection with the audience and brings them one step closer to becoming customers. Also, they feel like part of a brand. Storytelling can be achieved by copywriting, typography, interactive designs, etc. 

  • No Passwords For Login 

When logging in online platforms, the majority of the time we forget passwords. It is just so hard to remember passwords every time unless you have the same one for every platform.  So, you need to reset the password to log in again into your account. 

Passwords are combinations of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, special characters and numbers. Thus, it becomes hard to remember. 

UI designs are being created to login into accounts without passwords. You can either set up face authentication, fingerprints or PIN code. 

  • Bright And Bold 

Earlier minimalistic designs were popular. But these days, bright and bold designs are gaining popularity. Neon shades and bold colours are being used more and more. It creates a unique impression on the viewer’s mind. Also, it is memorable and attractive. 

For instance, logo design of a brand can be made of bold and bright colors to attract more and more audience. It will benefit businesses immensely. It can cost you much to hire professionals with every changing trend. So, why not use other options instead. 

Logo maker tools are a great alternative and can create logo within minutes. Unlike minimalist designs, designs created using bold shades are more lively and fun to play with. But do not overdo it. 

  • UX Writing

Earlier, creative and decorative words were used to represent views on websites. Websites were filled with long paragraphs that were hard to get information from. But nowadays, web pages are moving towards minimalism. Only critical information is displayed on websites. Only information with value and to the point is displayed. 

It keeps customers engaged and leads to more conversions. 

  • Dark Mode

Dark mode is becoming very popular among latest UI/UX trends. Dark mode is used usually at night time. Bright light from gadgets can be harmful for the eyes, so dark mode is the remedy here. 

It gives an attractive look and highlights design elements on websites, apps, etc. it also saves battery power. Moreover, today’s generation are getting addicted to dark themes and use them even in daylight. 

  • Air Gesture Controls 

When touch screens came into use, a lot of other gesture controls were introduced. In 2021, air gesture controls are going to dominate. Just make a wave or movement in the air and things will get done on your mobile phone. And actually, It is so fun to do

  • Illustrated Animations

Illustrated animations create amazing and attractive designs. It is basically the addition of more details to existing designs to make them even more attractive and attention grabbing. 

Illustrations increase engagement on web pages. For instance, illustrations are brought into motion to give them life. It makes them attractive and stand out. It brings out curiosity in users and creates a memorable impression on their minds. 

  • Surreal Photography 

Realistic photography was popular earlier but now the focus has shifted to surreal photography. Surreal photography leaves viewers amazed. They wish to see things like they have never seen before and are unique obviously. 

Surreal photography involves the use of unrealistic elements to create pictures that stand out and seem unreal. It looks attractive and grabs the attention of viewers. 

Imaginative elements are used to let customers forget everything and just watch the products. Brands like Gucci, Nike, etc are already experimenting with surreal photography to make their products more desirable. 

  • Voice User Interface 

Voice user interface is being used and will be used popularly in 2021 too. This UI design trend attracts users and increases engagement. Voice assistants are used for interacting with the audience. It can be used to search information and use any services provided by the company.