Job vacancies in Abu Dhabi

Job vacancies in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a city that has recently been growing in all sectors, so labour is needed in all areas. This is particularly true for the tourism industry. Abu Dhabi is visited by millions of tourists every year, and the number of tourists is increasing every year, and as a result, Abu Dhabi is constantly constructing various necessary facilities for tourists, so it is not just service personnel who are required, but also skilled builders, engineers, architects, designers, etc. who can contribute to the development of Abu Dhabi. In addition, Abu Dhabi is the financial capital of the UAE, so the specialties of economists, marketers, financiers, analysts, and managers are always relevant and in demand. But it is difficult for foreign residents to secure high-paying jobs. To do so, they must have not only a good education, but also considerable experience.

What work in Abu Dhabi is available to foreigners?

The majority of foreigners work in the service sector in Abu Dhabi, as it does not require special skills and education. The most important criterion for employment in Abu Dhabi is proficiency in English, without which you are unlikely to be employed. The trend in the labour market has not changed much in 2021, and foreigners also come to job vacancies in Abu Dhabi such as:


Security guard 





Consultants in shops



And the average salary of foreigners who work in Abu Dhabi is about $3,000, so it is not surprising to want to leave the home country. The opportunity to work for students and young people in Abu Dhabi is considered a pretty good opportunity as they are not burdened with family life and can travel around the world. In addition to earning a good income, young people will be able to gain good working experience, as well as specialized courses and additional education, while working and earning money.

Work and life in Abu Dhabi

Also people who want to work in Abu Dhabi need to know some of the characteristics of life here. The first and most obvious feature is a rather hot climate with high humidity. Not everyone can adapt to it, although the vast majority of buildings have air conditioning, and you will suffer from the abundance of the sun only on the street. Another peculiarity is Muslim tradition. It is the duty of all visitors to honor them. Before a trip you should acquaint yourself with the basic rules. Some of them are quite unfamiliar to foreigners, which is worth considering.

How can I get a job in Abu Dhabi?

In 2021, in the age of technology, finding a job in Abu Dhabi is easy enough. You can find the best offers and vacancies in Abu Dhabi on the Layboard website. On this site there are a large number of different vacancies for any taste, therefore it will be easy to find exactly what you want. Employment in Abu Dhabi will require the identification of an employer and the conclusion of a preliminary employment contract. Work in Abu Dhabi is subject to a work visa, which is issued directly in the territory of the United Arab Emirates.