Improving Security in PDF Files Using Enhanced Watermarking By GoGoPDF

Improving Security in PDF Files Using Enhanced Watermarking By GoGoPDF

Though PDF is a secure file format for presenting and preserving the appearance of your documents on any device, getting the most out of your PDF archives is complex and necessitates deliberate security measures. It continues to be challenging to ensure that modifications will not happen as they constantly circulated online and to others.

Learning how to add a watermark is necessary. A watermark is a unique image or text place in a PDF file to protect the confidentiality of the data. Watermarking is a straightforward procedure in which computerized photos or messages in various shading shades are applied to PDFs. With that, let’s take a closer look at how to incorporate a watermark right now easily.

When Should You Watermark PDF Documents?

When you add watermark to PDF documents, you can tell whether it is an original or a copy. Watermarking is most beneficial to organizations that authorize a form and the type of PDF documents, such as an estimate or an invoice. Most importantly, once you stamp a watermark onto the pages of your PDF document, it’s difficult to remove.

A watermark shows the classification of the entire file, regardless of whether recipients print the file or simply view it on screen, making it an ideal PDF protection feature. This is significant because, unfortunately, even password-protected PDF documents are vulnerable. Thieves are experts in using video capture and screenshot to make copies of confidential PDF files.

4 Quick Tips for Using GoGoPDF’s Tool to Add Watermarks

Users of GoGoPDF can add watermarks to PDFs and customize the position, size, angle, font, and color of the watermark. The reason for this is to ensure that it appears professionally on the document page. Users can also adjust the opacity and transparency of the watermark to control its actual appearance for viewing or printing, adding a bold or subtle impact.

GoGoPDF provides the opportunity to stamp watermarks on existing PDFs in addition to standard PDF services. GoGoPDF is a web-based service that lets you add watermarks to your documents quickly. The platform is simple to use and has several advanced features. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using this website to add a watermark to your PDF files.

  1. The first step is to access the file storage on your device by pressing the “Select a File” button. Following that, you must pick the files to which you want to add a watermark. However, you can speed up file transmission by dragging and dropping your file into GoGoPDF’s conversion box.
  2. Get the text or the picture you will use as a watermark and type it in. Simply change the location and place it where you want it to be visible. Then, to complete the changes, click the “add watermark” button!
  3. After deciding where you want your text or image to appear as your watermark, save all of your changes. Watermarking typically takes no more than five minutes. A strong connection, on the other hand, will speed up the process.
  4. After the watermarking is complete, you can now download and use your updated PDF files. You can do this by tapping the ‘Open’ button or use the generated download link. One thing to keep in mind is that a good internet connection is necessary if you want to save your file quickly.

Watermark Personalization

As previously stated, rather than simply following the steps of the process, you should use your creativity and imagination to explore the designs you want. Please choose the font scale and color of the text you want to add to your watermark using their online tools. You can also add a picture watermark to your PDF by downloading it to your browser and pasting it in.

GoGoPDF’s Tight Security Features

GoGoPDF prioritizes the security of your PDF documents. Don’t worry about private and sensitive information being leaked to the general public. The system of their website removes your file an hour after you finish using the tools required for digitally watermarking your files.

Along with that, take a quick scan of GoGoPDF’s Security and Privacy Policy to know more about the protection of your documents. By doing this, you will learn how much they emphasize protecting your confidential information.


A watermark serves a variety of purposes, from allowing digital users to indicate the file’s status to preventing data theft. The composition and location of a watermark are also essential to consider, as they influence how easily someone can remove it. So, for your PDF difficulties, entrust it to a dependable and simple-to-use tool like GoGoPDF.