Important Considerations: Buying Jeans Online

Important Considerations: Buying Jeans Online

Purchasing jeans online that fit correctly should not be rugged. That is, it is the year 2021. So why are women STILL supposed to coerce their bodies into conforming to standard size structures when companies are not even doing so? Why are we STILL dealing with inconvenient sizing inconsistencies? And why is the fashion industry STILL oblivious to women’s genuine complexities and bodies?

The black jeans pant had come a long way from the days when you were solely concerned with their durability while parading around the neighborhood. They’ve evolved into a symbol of the contemporary man, the one for whom business dress (i.e., suits) serves as a noose and a reminder of the lost informal freedom. High stylistic possibilities, such as cut and fit, result in a plethora of choices. All of which may be conveniently completed online, free of department store hassles.

Needless to say, we have a great deal to say about this. We’ve purchased a variety of sizes from various denim companies throughout the years…and returned the majority of them. That is why we founded Revelle… because it should include much more than just statistics. Your measurements do not indicate how you will feel in the pants or if you will appreciate how they fit your body. That being said, if you’re determined on a particular pair and want to avoid purchasing three sizes in the hope that ONE would fit (which also costs a significant amount of effort and money), here are some ideas for navigating the brand’s sizing chart.

Take measurements around your waist and hips:

In order to begin, find your waist at the very top of your hip bone and measure it (between your hip and lowest rib). Then, with the tape measure level with your belly button, wrap it around your body. If you find yourself holding your breath, don’t do it! This will give you the most accurate measurement of your waist.

  • To benefit your hips

The same basic procedure applies to your hips, although at a somewhat lower level. This is the area of your torso that is the broadest. In the front, the tape measure should end just above the zipper, while in the rear, it should end just over the top of your buttocks.

  • While you’re at it, take an inseam measurement:

An inseam is a slang term for the distance between your crotch and the leg’s opening, which may be at your ankle or higher, depending on the cut.

  • After obtaining all of your measurements, use the brand’s online sizing chart:

Yes, it is available on the majority of brands. And, indeed, we often gloss over it. However, it is critical!! For instance, Levi’s chart has four columns: non-jean size (think OO, 4, 5, 6, etc. ), jean size (24, 25, 26, 27, etc. ), waist in inches, and hips in inches. Additionally, they provide charts for inseam and plus-size bottoms. Nordstrom, Madewell, ASOS, Good American, and Wrangler are further online retailers that offer sizing charts.

  • Consider the model’s size:

And what a tall woman she is! This way, you’ll have a visual reference point for determining your size and the fit of the jeans (i.e. relaxed fit, baggy, high-waist, etc.).

  • Keep an eye on the fabric:

Each woman has her distinct vision for how her clothing should fit her body — and fabric plays a critical part in this. If you want some flexibility (something in between denim jeans and leggings), seek jeans that have a more significant amount of spandex or elastane since 100% cotton tends to be stiffer.

  • Look for jeans that are a good fit for your lovely body shape:

With so many different styles of jeans available, it might be not very clear. We have a comprehensive list of the seven most popular, but in a nutshell, here is the Sparknotes version:

  • Jeans with straight legs:

Due to the additional lower leg area, this is an excellent alternative for those of us with muscular, athletic thighs and calves.

  • Jeans with a slim fit/bootcut:

The most acceptable option for individuals wishing to upstage slim jeans with an added dose of comfort and breathability – particularly while moving about a lot.

  • Jeans that are too skinny:

All body types can wear skinny jeans, but if you’re concerned about how form-fitting they are, start with a darker wash and a heavier fabric, which is often more forgiving.

  • Jeans for boyfriends:

Go for a baggier cut if you have wide, muscular shoulders and want to balance out your lower half.

Flared/bell-bottoms: If you’re tiny and concerned about the quantity of cloth in a flared style, choose for a lesser flare.

  • Extensive leg:

Due to their design, wide-leg pants tend to draw attention away from the hips, so if that is a feature you want, this cut may be for you. And for our small friends who are concerned about being suffocated by all much fabric, choose for a thinner letter A.

  • Jeans for mom:

If you want to create the appearance of curves, mom jeans are for you — but, to be honest, no one will stop you as long as you’re happy wearing jeans that sit higher on the waistline than the hips.

  • Consider appearance and fit as well:

For the most part, you’ll be deciding between the following options when it comes to women’s jeans:

Distressed: an antique aesthetic that imparts a worn-in appearance to denim

  1. When jeans are dark in hue, they are said to be dark-washed.
  2. When jeans are lighter in colour, they are said to be lightly washed.
  3. Jeans with a low rise: those that end at the hip bones
  4. Jeans with a mid-rise sit between the belly button and the hips
  5. Jeans that are high-rise/high-waisted sit above the belly button.
  • Constantly read the reviews:

The merchant may say anything they want, but nothing beats hearing it directly from consumers, mainly when sizing up or down. Therefore, make a point of scrolling down and reading the reviews.

  • Avoid being attached to a certain number:

We recognize that this is easier said than done. However, keep in mind that size is entirely (read: extremely) subjective. If you are a 29 in one brand, this does not always indicate you are a 29 in other brands.

  • Revelle is the place to shop!

Simply apologize for the shameless plug, but we couldn’t leave it out. After all, Revelle was founded to address the issue of internet shopping for jeans. When you join — which is unrestricted, by the way — we’ll ask you a few questions about your lovely physique. From there, we use our magic (by which we mean technology) to create your customized shop. As you express your affection for (heart) and disdain for (broken heart) jeans, we’ll have a greater understanding of your likes, preferences, and style.

These were some key factors to keep in mind when buying black jeans pant online.