How To Start A Play School In India

How To Start A Play School In India

Play Schools or Pre-Schools or popularly known as Kids Play School has indeed become one of the burgeoning businesses in Indian subcontinent. Anyone can locate a play school that has creche and daycare as well as after-school activities in them. In fact, taking up kids play school franchise is becoming a business trend now. This is more so because they tend to yield higher income than any other similar business, while the investment is substantially under control, but the return-on-investment is high.

However, even though the profit ratio is high in this trending business, but do note that multiple playschools have failed due to not meeting various ethical criteria. If those criteria would have been met, it would have become the contributing key factors towards the successful kids play school venture. Thus, there are some vital factors to be met when planning to start a play school.

Business Plan

A sound and practical business plan is the foundation of seeking best play school franchise. Starting own brand of play school is possible, but it is indeed a tough task to carry out. In such a scenario, getting a franchise is the best plan-of action. Still, a business plan comprising of the below details would be required:

• Number of children : The total number of children the play school will cater to makes much difference. This figure has to be finalised first.

• Staff : How many administrative, teaching, support and additional staff or team members will be necessary to run the operations and how the hiring as well as training will be done, before the operations commence.

• Location : A decision factor in the success of the business because the location should be right while the available space for the play school has to be adequate to accommodate the volume of children without being too crowded.

• Funds : The capital to invest for buying or renting or leasing the property for the school, vehicles, equipment, salaries has to be rightly assessed and arranged.

• Infrastructure : The building of the school, its indoor space and outdoor space has to be carefully designed under expert planning.

There are other minute factors that come under the business plan, but depends on the sub-factors of the above main details.

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Licenses and Registrations

There are Education Acts that regulate all the operations of every school, which can’t be neglected. Hence, it is vital to not just know it, but also comprehend each of it. The Central and State Acts for Education must be followed to dots, in order to get the necessary licenses and registrations.
There are some safety criteria for the infrastructure as well as training requirements for the staff, which must be also acquired without fail. All of it can be obtained by minutely researching and following every requirement.

Tax Liability

The taxes on profits may be collected but service tax is not applicable on schools.This may or may not be a matter of concern depending on the best play school franchise it is. If the school is for profit then it may be liable for taxes, but if it is not for profit or comes under a charitable trust then it may be exempted from paying the taxes. Still getting all information on tax liability is always good.

If a good kids play school franchise is sought, then the umbrella school will always guide the business applicant or the franchise applicant to start the play school in a profitable manner.


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