How to Enhance Brand Awareness with A Video Maker

How to Enhance Brand Awareness with A Video Maker

Brand awareness is at the top of every business. It purposes to increase customer traffic, convert them into buying customers and enable them to trust, understand and remember your product. How better to achieve this than with video marketing? Online video makers help you accomplish this as a simple tool in creating an identity around your brand. And you can click here for more info about this. You can uniquely tell your story by combining visuals with audio, simulating a real-life experience hence bringing a human touch to your marketing. How do you use the editing tool to bring your vision to life?

Set Goals You Aim To Achieve With the Video Maker

When building phones or any gadgets, the tools are present in the industry but only the owner has the idea and design in mind that will make this possible. Similarly, this software only equips you with gears to create your video and therefore needs you to come up with a plan that includes all your goals and visions for your brand awareness campaign’s success.

To do this effectively, you must determine what content you desire to include in the video, your target audience (age or gender), and how your purpose to present it. Aim to engage, connect with, educate or at the same time entertain your audience. Is your video an explainer, promo, or training video?  Is it a customer testimonial? 

Pick a Template That Best Suits Your Interests

Save on time by browsing the software list of ready-to-edit professionally made templates and pick one that fits your business goals. Customize it to fit your objectives by selecting the relevant scenes and cutting out the rest. You can choose to do this or create your own from scratch.

If you decide to create your video template, consider adding an intro and outro, content placeholders, text placeholders, or callouts and music if required. This tool allows you to save your template and reuse it in the future.

Video Maker

Upload Files to Use in the Video

Other than the ready images and videos available in the video maker’s stock library, you can use your videos and images. Enhancing brand awareness entails ensuring the consumer can identify your brand correctly based on visual indicators such as logo and colors. For example, when you see the red and golden color together with the large Letter M in golden you can immediately tell it is McDonald’s, which is ranked among the top ten brands in the U.S.

To achieve similar results or even better, select videos or images that are personal to your brand and add them to the placeholder. You can combine them with those offered by the video maker to create a video that triggers your consumers’ memory and captures their full attention. Try something as easy to remember as the letters of the alphabet yet unique to your brand.

Customize Your Video to Suit Your Brand

Drag and drop the video or images in the correct order you would like them to appear. The best proof of using it is that it is a fun marketing strategy. Capture your audience’s attention by using fascinating text effects and fonts to come up with a compelling video.

Go ahead to add sound or music to the video. Do this by using the music library in the video maker or your own. Do a voice-over to explain your products further. Animate and synchronize aspects of your video with flexibility. Combine all these features creatively together to weave your story. Consumers should be able to relate to your brand for you to achieve brand recognition.

Do not make your video too long. Thus, keep in mind the first five to fifteen seconds to determine whether the audience will view or skip your video. Do not forget to add a call to action that directs them to your website or blog.

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Save Your Video

Once you complete editing your video, check if you have accomplished your goals in the video. If so, click the save option on the video maker. Wait for the process to be a hundred percent complete.

Share the Video

Directly export the video from the video maker. Share to social media such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook to reach your target audience. The online video maker auto-generates an embed link. Therefore, you can easily copy and paste it into your website or blog.

Voila, you have completed your process.

Final Thoughts 

Utilizing the Online video maker is a very convenient and economical way to enhance brand awareness for your product. Creating the video is however not the ultimate goal for your success. Remember to create a custom hashtag for social media such as Twitter and Instagram to reach more audiences. Furthermore, post your video regularly using the voice of your brand and run display ads on Google. You can always adjust/edit the video using the video maker. However, this depends on the marketing trends and your needs at the time.