How to Choose the Right Gaming Tablet for You

How to Choose the Right Gaming Tablet for You

The world of online gaming is a serious business. In the last 10 years, most gamers have opted for larger and more powerful machines with more RAM, storage, and of course, the oh-so-desirable high-definition displays. However, there has also been a trend in newer computers to help gamers who are on the go most of the time, with many computer brands now developing gaming laptops and even gaming tablets.

If you are a fan of the idea of carrying your latest World of Warcraft battle with you wherever you go, then the idea of a gaming tablet may sound idyllic. However, what exactly should you look for in a gaming tablet when you purchase one?

Look at the Tablet Type

A gaming tablet can be a sophisticated computer all to itself or maybe something akin to an oversized smartphone. Not that the latter is bad, per se, but it will offer less power.

Some tablets come with a detachable keyboard, and even a space for you to plug in a gaming mouse, or a RAT. Others offer a full touchscreen experience, meaning that there are fewer games you can play successfully unless you have lightning fingers.

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The OS

Some online and even downloadable games are only available with Windows. Others are only available with Apple-compatible or iOS machines. So, when you are choosing the gaming tablet for you, make sure that the game or games you want to play can be downloaded and played on it.

Generally, the 3 key operating systems for gaming tablets such as Windows, iOS, and Android have app stores, making the selecting and downloading of games easy from the tablet that you have. However, just note that not all online games are compatible with all these operating systems.

RAM (of Course)

Of course, choosing the right gaming tablet means you will need to look at the rapid access memory or RAM. Modern games use around 8GB of RAM, with some of the higher-resolution options using up to 32GB. Therefore, if you want a gaming tablet to play the ever-popular World of Warcraft and the game takes up 32GB, then it’s not worth getting a gaming tablet that can only handle 16GB.


You need to ensure that the gaming tablet you choose has a dedicated GPU or graphics processing unit. Luckily, many games that are designed for mobile devices are not too heavy on the glowing graphics that you would get on a PC. Yet, to help you enjoy the games you play, having a GPU with the highest resolution graphics you can afford won’t do you any harm.

Disk Space

You will need excess disk space on a tablet when you buy it for gaming. For instance, most tablets on iOS have 4GB at a starting point, meaning that to play games, you should opt for a tablet that is 12GB or higher.


The gaming-oriented displays are very popular in the gaming market. This is the first tablet that focuses on the gaming experience. At first glance, it is as compact as an Android tablet. And it’s probably the first Android tablet coming with a superb display, which is very close to the latest iPad Mini. However, even with the more compact body, this tablet doesn’t really downgrade the display configurations.