How Health Card Helps To Pay Medical Expenses For Your Family

How Health Card Helps To Pay Medical Expenses For Your Family

While the emergency medical care system in India is improving with the introduction of advanced equipment and diagnostic tools, its financial impact on patients remains severe. A survey suggests that a little over 19% of urban Indians have any type of health coverage, whereas the figure for rural India slightly exceeds 14%.

Such low coverage leaves a majority of individuals exposed to the financial burden incurred during medical emergencies. Resultantly, on one side, it reduces their lifelong savings; a lack of funding coerces them to settle for medical care of poor quality on the other. Treatments for a range of ailments are also delayed, leading to a further deterioration in health.

Hence, to counter such funding limitations for healthcare assistance, the financial market introduced a health card to make payment of medical bills convenient and affordable. These cards bring with them comprehensive benefits for all family members.

What are the health cards?

A health card is available as a financial tool that helps pay for your medical bills while deferring the immediate liability created out of healthcare assistance received.

The cards offer a one-stop solution for all medical expenses of an individual and his/her family. Being digital, these cards are available online via a simple health card application process.

It helps pay for a wide range of medical assistance sought. The feature thus makes it a comprehensive financial solution that not only allows you to fulfil the funding liability but also pay for it at your convenience.

Benefits of a health card for your family

1.    High-value financing of up to Rs.4 lakh

A health EMI network card comes with a high-value credit limit that suffices to fund any emergency medical care. The amount can be utilised to pay for the best healthcare assistance availed at multi-speciality hospitals.

Fund shortage often pushes one to settle for a regular clinical facility for treatments, diagnosis and post-treatment care. A credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh thus eliminates such roadblocks, enabling one to avail advanced medical care with ease.

2.    One card for all family members

Unlike health insurance plans that limit the benefit to the insured, a single health card serves to fund the healthcare financing needs of all members in a family. It can thus be availed by individuals for a comprehensive fulfilment of funding needs to address medical issues of all family members.

3.    Restriction-free treatment for ailments and diseases

Health cards can be used for –

  • Surgeries like general surgery, bariatric, vascular, cardiac, etc.
  • Advanced treatments such as stem cell, urology, oncology, ophthalmology, homoeopathy, ENT, IVF, gynaecology, etc.
  • Non-essential treatments like cosmetic, slimming, plastic surgery, hair treatments and more.

Financial institutions like Bajaj Finserv bring their Health EMI Network Card that can be utilised for a wide range of diseases and ailments.

It is essential to note here that a health card extends these benefits beyond that of health insurance policies that offer limited treatments. It can thus be advantageous to avail such a card even when you are covered with a health insurance plan.

4.    Pre- and post-treatment consultation funding

Medical care often comes with diagnostic requirements before starting the treatment. Also, procedures like surgeries or other severe medical conditions require post-treatment consultation as well.

Health cards thus also facilitate the payments for medical care, right from the diagnostic stage up to the consultations and check-ups after treatment completion.

5.    Conversion of medical expenditures into no cost EMIs

Once you have utilised the credit limit of your health card to meet medical expenditure, you need not be worried about the immediate repayment of the funds.

You can convert these expenditures into no cost EMIs and repay over a long tenor, extending up to 24 months. For such benefits and more, it is thus wise to apply for a health card online that can be completed in a few simple steps online.

6.    Acceptance across India

Medical care payments with a health card are possible and can be made across all major cities in India. Also, the card issuers partner with several hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics and pharmacies to simplify medical bill payment for you.

Not to mention, a health EMI card is completely digital, thus reducing any hassles involved in the payment process.

Some cards also come with exclusive offers such as personal accident insurance cover, thus further enhancing the utility of these payment instruments. The availability of attractive discounts and limited-period offers across their partner network only makes these cards more beneficial for the entire family.

You do not need to provide any documents to complete the health card application process. Apply for the card with minimum eligibility to avail instant approval of the card and fulfil the healthcare funding needs of your family.