Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs

Highest Paying Cyber Security Jobs

Cybersecurity is about securing cyberspace. Anything digital or virtual needs protection from outside threats, like hackers, malicious codes, data breaches, etc. A Cybersecurity Expert is a professional who can protect his/her device, systems, or organization’s data, network, server, and infrastructure from cyber threats and hackers. 

Since Cybersecurity is a vast field, it requires professionals from entry-level to expert-level posts for all types of companies having an online presence. You can do just a Google Search to find out the various job posts available for you to break into the Cybersecurity domain. This Guide will help you get started with top-paying Cybersecurity jobs, why Cybersecurity matters, the skill sets required, and the ways to break into the field. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Highest Paying Cybersecurity Jobs

Here is the snippet of the highest paying jobs in the Cybersecurity domain with the latest salary figures from PayScale.com. All the salaries mentioned here are average salaries in the USA and will vary with experience, knowledge, skill sets, job location, etc. 

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

CISO is the highest-paid job, according to my research, and receives a whooping salary of USD 166,353 annually. It is a Senior-level position wherein you will be responsible for developing and implementing security programs in enterprises. You will be responsible for designing procedures and policies for securing systems, communications from all kinds of threats. 

Reports suggest CISOs also make up to USD 229,000. CISOs enjoy this large-scale band of salary depending on the organization they are working for. Some can earn up to USD 85,000 as an executive bonus and other funds, apart from their base salary. Enroll in a recognized Cyber Security Certifications Online

Security Architect

The 2nd position in this list is Cybersecurity Architect. They can earn USD 124,960 annually. A Security Architect’s job is to architect (design, create, and maintain) his/her organization’s IT network, systems, and data. They are often the go-to guy in anything related to Cybersecurity in an organization. These professionals can earn up to USD 166,000 depending on their work experience, skill sets, and organization they are working for, etc. 

Information Systems Security Manager

These professionals earn a commanding salary of USD 117,548. And they can earn up to USD 152,000. Information Systems Security Manager manages an enterprise’s sensitive and confidential data from security breaches and hacker’s control. They have to check security breaches, cyber threats and prevent any internal or external malicious codes in the system.      

Information Systems Security Engineer (ISSE)

An Information Systems Security Engineer’s job is to determine the security requirements of the system in an organization and the security tools required. ISSE also helps in designing security architecture and layout. They earn USD 101,460 and can go as high as USD 145,000, again depending on various factors. 

Application Security Engineer

Application Security Engineer, come at 5th in highest paying Cybersecurity jobs with USD 97,684 annually, and this 5-figure mark could go up to USD 151,000 depending on their experience. Now you may wonder what exactly an Application Security Engineer does? These professionals help developers follow industry best practices on security and adopt well-known design architectures and techniques that include strong authentication, authorization, session management, etc., for a secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process. 

Malware Analyst

A Malware Analyst helps an organization to understand various forms of threats like viruses, spyware, adware, bugs, bots, ransomware, worms, and such malicious software. They also help companies mitigate such malicious codes from intruding data and prevent such intrusions from happening. A Malware Analyst earns anywhere around USD 92,880 in the US, and with experience, can earn up to USD 156,000. 

Penetration Tester

Penetration Tester or Pen Tester is a professional who performs authorized cyber-attack on a system or network of an organization to evaluate security systems in place. Pen Tester can earn USD 86,241 yearly, and this salary figure could increase to USD 139,000 based on various professional factors. Take up an Ethical Hacking Training course from a recognized e-learning platform. 

Cybersecurity Consultant

Cybersecurity Consultants are often hired by firms to keep their data secure and to design security strategies to prevent a data breach. They can earn an average salary of USD 86,699. The pay of these consultants ranges between USD 61,000 to USD 140,000. Consultants can work on a flexible schedule, full-time or part-time. 

Cybersecurity Analyst

A Cybersecurity Analyst is typically an entry-level job in the Cybersecurity domain. These professionals help protect an organization from various threats by deploying various techniques, methods, and processes to make sure their data remains secure. A Cybersecurity Analyst earns an average salary of USD 76,575 yearly. They can earn up to USD 117,000 depending on their profile. 

Network Security Analyst

This professional manages the security of the organization’s network and information systems. These professionals can work for connected devices like IoT-based devices, automobiles, healthcare, etc. 

Network Security Analysts can earn an average salary of USD 72,260, and this figure can reach USD 107,000. 

Why is Cybersecurity important?

Every company in this digital era has its online presence. Every company needs to protect its data and put up security measures in place to protect it from any hacking attempt. Cybersecurity is all about securing or fortifying a company’s network security to prevent data breaches or any unauthorized entry. Without Cybersecurity, the company could face heavy losses financially in the event of a data breach, unauthorized entry, and many such incidents involving malicious code. 

Skills Required for a Successful Cybersecurity career:

There are many skills that Cybersecurity professionals need to acquire skills like: 

  • Programming skills 
  • Mobile Device Security 
  • Applications Security 
  • Analytical and Problem-Solving skills
  • Good Communications skills

How to get started in the Cybersecurity domain: 

It’s good to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, and other relevant fields. You can attend Bootcamps to test and validate your technical expertise, and internships to master professional skills. You must build your networking skills through professional activities to get more awareness in the Cybersecurity domain. To bridge the gap between your knowledge and the professional requirements, enroll in industry-recognized training.