Five Life Saving Gadgets You Must Have

Five Life Saving Gadgets You Must Have

The main purpose of technology is to improve the human lifestyle, and over the years, they have. Now we lead a life risk-free. We have better medical systems, we can predict weathers, making farming easy to something like making juice. Not to mention, the internet and the features it provides and offering easier ways of communication. Despite so many things, many people are not aware of some inventions of science that can help you out in difficult situations.

Universal Water Filter

If you are a fan of wilderness and go on adventure often, then this is a must-have tool for you. There may come difficult times when you run out of water and you cannot find a safe, reliable source. Dehydration may strike you. That is why you should keep a universal filter. So by any chance, you find water anywhere you can filter it. These filters are effective; therefore, you can rely on them.

Venom Extractor

You never know what is lurking around you. A lot of insects and snakes possess a threat to a human directly. Thus, getting bitten by one is not that surprising. The best thing to do when you have venom in your body is to get anti-venom as soon as possible. However, to slow down the escalation you can use a venom extractor. These small plastic tube-like objects are very effective. They use suction to pull out most of the venom reducing risks.

Wi-Fi smoke detectors

Burning houses have been a concerning issue and one that is growing. The worst part of house fires is that you cannot predict them. They happen and all of a sudden, they burn down everything. If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones you must keep an out and be a little bit cautious. You can set wifi smoke detector in your home. These small devices are great at detecting fires without giving false alarms giving you and your family time to escape. Even better, you may get the chance to put out the fire at an early stage.

A Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army Knife is a small thing that is very handy. Not just when you are exploring but also when you face day-to-day obstacles. It’s a small contraption that can easily fit in your palm, yet the twist is, it has almost 33 applications. Including some things like a knife, corkscrew, wood saw, bottle opener, scissors, wire cutters, pliers, tweezers and many more.


A smartwatch can be handy, literally. These small devices are designed to be paired with your smart device like phones and tablets. One of the benefits is, by wearing this device you can easily track your phone notification. Also, keep track of your fitness and exercise. However, the best feature of a smartwatch is that it can track your glucose level in the blood. So you have issues regarding that area, the watch will alert you when your sugar level is dangerously low giving you chance to take measures.

Technology and science have introduced many new ways for us to take care of ourselves. Not using them properly is just missing out on a huge opportunity.