Best Cybersecurity Certifications of 2023

Best Cybersecurity Certifications of 2023

With most employees from various sectors working from home, an unimaginably large amount of vital information is stored on online servers. These servers are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This, coupled with the fact that most companies are treating information security technology as an asset, getting a cybersecurity certification via the best hacking courses could be the best step for your career.

Hacking is the fastest growing crime in the United States. Even tech giants like Facebook, Uber, Panera Bread and Under Armour are not safe from these malicious cybercriminals. There is an upside to this situation as demand creates supply, and individuals with EC council certifications are in short supply. 

What Is The EC-Council?

EC Council is a globally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker course that provides you with a real-world experience in understanding cyber threats. The certification also gives you hands-on experience for any network-related threats that may arise in an organization. 

EC Council certifications validate skills related to fixing systems, intrusion detection, application vulnerabilities, determining hacker motives, vulnerability assessments and deflecting attacks. 

In 2019 over 3,800 breaches of information were detected, leading to over 4.1 billion records being exposed which is why EC council certifications are so valuable. 

Here are some of the best cybersecurity certifications for 2021.

CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker

If you are someone that is continually innovating and looking for problems to solve, this course will help tune your skills. The only thing smarter than someone who knows how to fix a problem is a company that hires someone to prevent the problem from occurring. And all businesses want to be smart. 

There are a lot of companies that wish to protect themselves against this vulnerability which means after you take this course, your skills will be in high demand. The CEH course is one of the best hacking courses at the intermediate level. 

This is a necessary course that all IT professionals who want to foray into ethical hacking to possess. This course includes concepts such as scanning networks, Trojans, hacking web servers, web applications, reconnaissance, enumeration and system hacking, to name a few.

CISM: Certified Information Security Manager

This certification is offered by the ISACA, it deals with information security teams as well as risk management. It is used mainly by those professionals who are responsible for developing, managing and overseeing critical information security systems. 

CISM is also used for developing the best organizational security practices. This course was first introduced to security professionals by the ISACA the Information Systems Audit and Control Association. 

The people who successfully complete this course have advanced skills in security risk management, governance, incident management and program development.

CompTIA Security+

This certification happens to be a vendor-neutral program which means just about any online course can offer it. This is an entry-level certification, but the candidates who successfully complete this course are recognized as possessing superior technological skills. 

This course is better obtained after one already has successfully completed the Network+ certification along with at least two years of work experience in network security. 

While IT professionals who obtained this certification prior to 2011 are certified for life, those that obtained it after must renew their certificate every three years for it to still be valid.

CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional

This course is quite advanced and is suited to only those who want to take their career in IT seriously. This course is offered by the International Information Security Certification consortium. 

This is a very sought after certification by IT professionals. The course is designed for professionals with at least a minimum of five years of experience in the field. It is one of the best hacking courses out there.

CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor

CISA is the gold standard for IT certifications for those who want to specialize in audit control and assurance and information security. With a certificate like this, you can get your foot in any door with minimal issues. 

The procedure to procure the CISA certificate starts with passing an exam, then the candidate has to agree to a lot of conditions, a code of ethics among them and only then is presented with the certification. 

The candidates must continue to pay an annual fee to maintain the certification and earn over 120 CPE’s (continuing professional education) over a three-year period to be eligible for renewing their certification.


EC Council is the largest certification body for information security professionals. These are the top five approved certifications, but there are many more which can fit the bill of IT professionals looking to get certified. 

Koenig solutions can offer all of these certification courses operating at only the highest standards with the best pedagogue and a hands-on approach. It is one of the best IT training companies on the internet. Other such certification courses are SANS GIAC Security Essentials or (GSEC) which is excellent for entry-level IT professionals.