Do You Follow These Tips To Prevent Your Car From Being Stolen?

When you buy a car, it becomes a very precious possession. So there is a very valid concern when it comes to car theft. Car theft is a big issue all over the world, including India. And especially in India, once a car is stolen, rarely does it come back in the same condition even if you get it back – more often than not the car will be missing elements such as license plates, stereo, side mirrors, tyres and rims, and the like. So it is essential to protect and safeguard your car against theft.

So if you wish to prevent your car from being stolen, there are some things you can follow. Here are some tips that will come in handy for successful car theft prevention –

  • Make sure to lock your car  This is a no-brainer. As soon as you step out of your car, make it a practice to lock it. Don’t leave it unlocked even if it is a few meters away from you, as it is not safe. Park your car in well-lit areas and make sure the lock is functional. When you get out of the car, check and re-check the locks of all doors including the car trunk. Also see if the windows of your car are properly rolled up and secured.
  • Do not keep valuables inside the car – Even if you have to get down for just a few moments to grab something from the supermarket, try not to leave any valuable possessions such as cash, gadgets (laptops or phones), jewellery, etc. in the car. If you absolutely have to leave it in there, then hide them properly and ensure that nobody cannot see it from the outside of the car.
  • Install anti-theft devices – One smart way of not letting your car get stolen is to install an anti-theft system in your car. This will drastically decrease the odds of your vehicle from being stolen. There are many different kinds of anti-theft devices available in the market, such as anti-theft alarm systems, steering wheel locks, electronic immobilizers, dash cams, telematics devices, and the like, which you can install in your car and keep it safe and secure. Moreover, having any kind of anti-theft devices in your car can also get you a concession on your car insurance premium.
  • Always carry documents with you – This is a very important point. Never leave your important documents such as a driving license, RC (registration of your car), insurance documents, etc. inside the car, including those extra pairs of keys. You must take this precaution, because if you don’t, it can become very difficult for the police to catch the thieves as they can impersonate you using these original documents.

Along with taking all these precautions, it is also important for you to have your car insurance policy in place in case a theft or damage occurs so you can cover the costs. You can compare different car insurance rates and premiums with the help of a car insurance calculator online, and choose one that suits your requirements best. It is also essential to do your car insurance renewal regularly and timely to prevent it from being lapsed.