Diamond Vapor: Vape your way to a big win!

Diamond Vapor: Vape your way to a big win!

Vape pens are all the rage these days, so what better way to get on trend than to use it as the theme of a Bitcoin slot? Developer Endorphina has a habit of turning popular into profitable and that’s exactly what they’ve done with Diamond Vapor.

As well as giving you a chance to win big money, this game is filled with vape-related features. From the way each symbol comes to life in a misty haze to the gamble game where plumes of smoke turn into prizes, this Bitcoin slot has plenty of ways to keep you entertained.

Diamond Vapor Key Features

The large jackpot stands out as one of this slot’s best features, and along with a dynamic and attractive interface it’s definitely a winner. This unique gamble game will pull you in and get you addicted, which is kind of ironic too…diamond vapor

Game Play of Diamond Vapor

Diamond Vapor is a Bitcoin slot that operates on a bets, lines and credits basis. In simple terms, this means that each of the three elements interacts with each other to determine your overall stake. The best way to get your head around the betting structure is to first think about the ‘bet’ and ‘lines’. The ‘bet’ option ranges from 1 to 10 as does the number of ‘lines’. From this, the size of your ‘bet’ is multiplied by the number of ‘lines’ you’ve activated.

So, if you set the bet to ten and the lines to ten, you’ll be staking 10 x 10 , equalling 100 credits per spin. Once you’ve established this, you can then determine the value of a credit. Found at the top of the page, the ‘credits’ option will determine the value of your bet. 

Once you’ve got this simple dynamic down, the rest of the game is extremely simple. Instead of ornate borders and detailed reels, the developers have used a simple black betting bar and removed any dividing lines between the reels. This set-up not only makes the game feel more lightweight, but it allows the dynamic background (smoke) to have a greater prominence, adding visual depth to the game. Moreover, because there is less focus on the game’s extremities (the borders etc), the symbols really come to life when you roll in a win.

In short, if you can get past the slightly complex betting structure, Diamond Vapor is a Bitcoin slot that has an understated elegance about it.diamond vapor game

Puff your way to big wins

Beyond the styling of Diamond Vapor, this Bitcoin slot’s real beauty lies in its bonus games. Like all the best Bitcoin slots, free spins are a standard when you top up. Three or more ‘Vape Bar’ scatter symbols will unlock 10 free spins – which is great but nothing to write home about.

What does stand out about this bonus round is that all wins will expand across the reels. Each time you roll in three matching icons (from left to right), this trio of symbols will expand to cover their respective reels and create more winning combinations.

Beyond this bonus, the real reason Diamond Vapor is worth a spin is its gamble game. Instead of the standard higher/lower or red/black guessing games, this slot puts you in the middle of a vape-off. Each time you spin a win, you’ll have the option to play the ‘Risk Game’ and double your winnings. 

At the start of the bonus game, you can support Jack or Mike and watch as they give their best vape. At the end of the round, if your vape master has blown the biggest plume of smoke, you’ll double your winnings. If one roll of the dice isn’t enough, you can continue gambling your wins up to five times before it’s back to the reels for some more Bitcoin slots action.

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