Customer experience management: Familiarising with customers

Customer experience management: Familiarising with customers

Customer service management objectifies to revolutionize the traditional interaction of customer and support services. From the beginning of support services, several times drastic and unexpected changes have been witnessed from then, from the traditional method of literally writing a complaint to SMS helplines and toll-free contact numbers. The support services industry has also most certainly witnessed a paradigm change. With the ever-increasing customer base of businesses the amount of complaints pouring in has also shot up. So the need for support services is a necessity now. Call centers can be set up or BPOs can be outsourced to tackle the high number of complaints. Customer experience management software or program aims at revolutionizing the old style of interaction with customers. With the world going digital it is time for this platform too. Otherwise surviving a cutthroat competition like this becomes very difficult. With the implementation of digital media, multiple communication units should be established to get the work done fast. This also brands the image as utmost available and technologically superior and extremely reachable. Multiple accounts across different social media platforms are the best way. This increases the outreach among the masses.

Functions of customer experience management:

  • All channel: With a plethora of support points the image of a brand or company just shines out of the world. It makes a business look humble and down to earth. This only attracts more customers with good faith and deep pockets to get the business running. Support services can be spread across different platforms such as e-support, physical support corner, etc. E-support includes support via the medium of the internet. This includes E-mail, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Tele support too is a source of seeking help but it is quite old now. Alternatively for people without access to these facilities complaints can be sent via post too.
  • Increasing digital awareness: With the advent of time, the use of digital means has become the need of the hour. Customer experience management softwares help achieve just that. This allows the customers to access the required information via several high-tech methods such as decision trees, AI-powered chatbots, etc. More the interaction between these people and technology become frequent, faster the fear disappears from their mind and they too can lead a normal life. These highly technologically advanced methods also ease the tasks such as streamlining all the operations, finishing tasks faster and efficiently. Streamlining information is also an important aspect here this too enhances the customer experience.
  • Analytical customer management: Customer experience management also can present the available data in the form of statistical figures. Such as pie charts, Venn diagrams, bar charts, radar charts, etc. This way this software can be of immense use to sports teams, stock market analysts as these are the sectors that make use of erstwhile and previous data to make essential predictions. This way the mentioned software is also vital in solving issues, consumer ratings. The majority of the systems employ call recording and monitoring to research further on the data available to make their services more user-friendly and productive.
  • Support services: This is an integral part of any company or industry. Providing support round clock support for all days isn’t possible for any support unit. Alternatively, customer experience management softwares can create an environment that lets the customers access a self-support portal. In this portal, customers can enter their query and search for its solution among all other answers posted on FAQ base. This does not let customers face any problems for a long time. Also since solutions are already available in most cases so support services are also available 24 X 7 this way.
  • Compatibility: One vital advantage of customer experience management software is that it does not let compatibility become an issue. Mobile users can also have the same amount of features as desktop or laptop users. Mobile users also reap the advantage of dialing, receiving, and transferring calls related to their work using a mobile network. This further strengthens the cause of customer experience management towards catering to a large customer base as there is no difference in features available to mobile and PC users. The vast availability makes it highly accessible and reliable in the eyes of the customers. It ensures that no customer is left out just due to the non-availability of the required device.
  • Strengthened NPS: The excellent customer services provided by customer experience management softwares are not unknown to the world. Customer experience management softwares ensure that customers are provided with support services 24 × 7 and do not have to face a situation where they are stuck with a problem and are not able to get out. It provides real-time updates from time to time. Additionally, the presence of multilingual features adds stars and moons. With this feature, present customers from different countries can access services in their native languages if they do not prefer English. This increases the diversity factor which in turn attracts people from different countries to avail the services since language is no longer a constraint. This efficiently eliminates any scope of communication gap in the businesses.
  • Organized interface: Gone are the days when employers used to keep a record of every customer’s complaint and the response was given to them manually on a boring spreadsheet. With the advancement of customer experience management software, it has become easier than ever to keep a record of the complaints of the customer and the solution provided to them. All of this data can be accessed with a single click. Information being represented through creative figures and illustrations. With its statistical data, the employer can know where improvement is needed.


Customer experience management softwares and systems are the need of the hour. Not only for big industries or plants but mid-size management firms or stores can also use it efficiently to increase their business. With the above-listed features, a customer experience management system can be considered inevitable in today’s world.