How to protect your child from Coronavirus infection (COVID-19)?

How to protect your child from Coronavirus infection (COVID-19)?

Today the entire nation is suffering from the deadly virus attack which has killed the lives of n number of people and still it is in the count. At the end of the year 2019, the new kind of virus called COVID-19 begins in china and now has spread to the complete nation. There are symptoms of virus-like flu, cold, shivering and much more. The spread of the virus is taking place in the entire nation which has been affecting all human lives. The novel virus outbreak has infected people globally due to which marinating the social distance is their prime duty.

There are endless cases coming every day in every nation in every state listing the people suffering from virus attacks. 

COVID-19 pandemic symptoms are:

  1. The person who gets the virus in their body ends up getting a sore throat.
  2. Even at times, they feel cold or chilly because they get a fever.
  3. Headache is even a symptom which is observed in most of the people.
  4. People might experience a taste of smell in their tongue.
  5. At times the muscle starts to pain a lot of times.


How does the pandemic spread?

This virus is spread from a person’s saliva or the one who is infected. When the infected person ends up sneezing or is coughing the water droplets are left in the air. As the droplets are left in the air they might get in any individual who is not affected near them. Once the droplets enter the body, the person adds up with the virus in their system. The virus is made with the family of different viruses that completely affect the body by entering in it. The virus can enter the body through nose, eyes or mouth. When the person breathes they end up getting such a virus in the body.


Children and COVID-19?

 At times people are questioning whether children should feel much horrified from the virus attack or not? The answer to this is yes, all the children are suggested that they should keep complete precautions along with the safety measures so that they can stay safe and protected. At times in children, the virus might look like an infection that affects mildly, but in reality, they leave a bad effect targeting each and every organ of the body. The duration of the infection is from a week to several days. 


 What precautions should be taken at home?

 It is suggested that all the ones who are feeling sick should keep certain things in mind:

  1. It is suggested that all the ones who are suffering from the problem of COVID-19 must follow complete distancing even at their home.
  2. Make sure to wear the face mask or the cloth that can help in covering the face so that the saliva does not get spread.
  3. At the time of cough or sneeze one should make sure that their face is always covered or they end up in covering with the cloth.
  4. Look for a place in the house where you can stay away from others. try and look for the room that has a bathroom attached with it. This will limit the spread of infection for all the ones who are living with them in a particular room.
  5. Make sure to opt for the separate glasses along with the cups and dishes in which food is to be served to the people living in that house. Once having the food, it is suggested that people should wash all the dishes with soap and hot water to make sure that no infection is left in it.
  6. Opt for a different towel or the bedsheets from the ones who are living in the house.
  7. A person should make sure that the space in which a person is kept has good airflow like the window or the filter so that they can breathe easily.
  8. Washing hands should be the prime duty of the entire individual who is living under one roof.
  9. Make sure that the clothes are washed carefully. Using warm water along with a good amount of detergent is a must for everyone.
  10. Cleaning the entire house is must so that the cleanliness is maintained properly. At times if the infected person touches the surface, then it can lead to great trouble.

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Some of the tips that should be followed by parents are:

  1. Make your child stay healthy by adding on the right plan for them. It is suggested that they should make sure to do exercise on a daily basis. If they are not willing to do exercise, then adding physical activity can help them all the time.
  2. Parents can even try indoor games as it can help in keeping the child healthy and fit all the time.
  3. Try and maintain the proper meal for the children as it will help in developing the right amount of nutrition in the body. 


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All the parents are suggesting that they should be given complete support to their children in ill health by keeping an eye on their activities. If in case they do not seem to be healthy for a long time, then taking help from the doctor is the best choice left. 


At times the children who are at home might get sadness or stress because they are unable to live a free life and that is the perfect time when parents should make sure to communicate with the children. Taking appropriate care of the children at the time of this pandemic can be the best option left.