Common Mistakes eBook Writers Make

From outside the surface, writing an eBook is relatively hunky-dory. Many bloggers have been trying to write. So, how difficult it can be?

Most of the eBooks are horrible – sorry to say. They are terrible.

The reason is an average eBook writer doesn’t have the clue of writing an eBook. They don’t have an adequate budget to hire creative writing eBook services. Plus, they don’t have an assistance plan for conventional writers to publish when it’s written.

They attempt to do their best, but unable to understand what they have done.

The best part is about to come in the blog – we can learn from their mistakes. Today, we will discuss the common mistake eBook writers make while writing a book.

In other words, if you want to write an eBook, don’t miss this blog. Keep reading!

  1. Don’t choose a topic you don’t know

If you want the top-notch quality book, you may go for a hot topic where money-making is easier. Similarly, you see different information on the internet about an emerging issue and plan to write an eBook on it.

If you’re publishing on the Amazon platform, it’s easier to pick any of the topics from popular categories. I would say, people, make a mistake here. Never run for a hot topic or emerging issue. Always pick the topic, where you have the grasp to justify the writing. Your eBook must bring something new to the topic you ‘ve chosen. Nobody wants to read a similar thing in different words.

So, always opt a topic where you have the expertise and perhaps can be called a real guru of the topic.

  1. Writing for an Audience needs

Many people fall in the trap of writing on a topic that is demanded much in public. The trap continues to put you in the bubble that you can genuinely write on it.

But things turn against when you start writing – and find difficulties. Look for people, the needs change, and nobody is particular about their requirement. It changes with time.

  1. Wondering like a Writer, Not a Publisher

There is not watershed for writing an eBook, and it’s the order in which you write the eBook. Now that you’ve decided to write an eBook, you’re not just a writer. You also have to think like a publisher.

After writing an eBook, you have to publish (market) the book.

If you don’t have the plan of how to sell your book – you will go deep into a problem. After all, your purpose for selling the eBook is to earn revenue.

  1. Starting to Write

Once you’ve done the research, you get excited to write straight away.

Hold on!

Directly jumping on the writing at this juncture will create problems. You will notice, points are repeated or find things written are not good enough for your topic.

  1. Making your eBook valuable

It’s your debut eBook, and you have ample time to think about delivering the definitive eBook – a book that will always remember in your audience’s mind.

Likely, it’s not going to be your only eBook. You might write in the future on a similar genre. So, keep in mind creating a short starter eBook for free, and advance with one to sell.

  1. Starting at the Opening

It starts with the first chapter in your eBook. The introduction is not the place to start writing your book. It becomes difficult for many eBook writers to decide what to add in which chapter. Hence, many writer’s minds get boggling.

If you begin with introduction writing, you may end up writing more than you can write. And to be fair, not every reader likes a long introduction. They want the author to jump on the core content.

  1. Writing when you Feel like

Writing an eBook is a high-priority project; people put their damning effort to shape up a successful book. It becomes tough for the author to take regular time for thinking, gathering, and writing the material.

If you don’t write every day, your momentum will break. The essence of the book may disrupt, and content may not be able to connect with the topic you’ve in your mind. Take a week off and give full-time to your eBook writing.

  1. Becoming Editor of your eBook

If you write regularly, and slowly making progress on your writing. Then you may edit your scripts. Still, eBook writing must be edited through professional Editor. People make a mistake and try to play over smartly.

As a writer, if you will edit your drafts. It may have biases towards the unfair content. And many useless things are included in the book, which is not needed. It a severe problem that need to checked by each eBook writer. Your job is to draft a book, and the rest is on the Editor.

  1. Stops before it Gets Easy

Now that you’ve worked for weeks on the eBook. You see, the progress is not satisfactory due to whatever reasons. And you’re not even midway of your book and a long way to go.

Many writers at this juncture try to give up. They abandon their eBook draft. It’s a huge mistake to leave in the midway. It means you’re losing the battle of writing an eBook.

  1. Maintaining the Momentum

You mustn’t display an initial draft of eBook – you shouldn’t rush to the Editor just after writing. Many writers dive into the editor phase. Then they find many loopholes in the book and felt burning when Editor shows them the things you’ve possibly missed.

  1. Trashing your Big Project in the Dustbin

Writers of eBooks start editing the similar file they used for the draft. It’s frustrating you cut many things that later want to add in the eBook. Keep a source file and copy in another document that can edit. It creates a problem.

Don’t delete anything, keep the master file secure in your laptop or computer.

  1. Edit with Microscope, not Telescope

If you start editing minor things, you will miss big mistakes. A micro detail can overlook in the later phase, and your core purpose is to find any useless sentences added in the paragraphs.

Author Bio:

Juan Brown is the owner of creative writing eBook services in Los Angeles, California. He has over two decades of experience in writing services.