Best Game Industry Jobs

Best Game Industry Jobs

Video games have become an exciting hobby for many generations. For example, teens. i.e. people in their 13-17 make up one-third of all gamers. Other fans are older, including people of advanced age. Despite a popular belief, this hobby is not harmful to our health. They help relieve stress and develop creativity. The video game industry is one of the fastest growing and lucrative. So, if you are fond of this activity, don’t hesitate to try yourself in jobs related to it. There are many ways to enter the video game industry. You may find options for real gigs and those less passionate about gaming but more eager to work with numbers, content writing, or visualization. The diversity of opportunities, both technical and business ones, is impressive. Specialists from Jooble, a leading job search engine worldwide, have prepared a list of game industry professions.

Game tester

A game tester’s profession is quite self-explanatory. These specialists test computer games at different production stages and report if there are any inconsistencies in gameplay or bugs in the software. In fact, they fulfil quality assurance tasks. Game testers deal with various materials, such as adventure, role-play, simulation, shooters, combat, and other games.

They create test scripts to spot glitches and bugs. Game testers also scrutinize graphics, video animation, and even sound. Among their duties is recording faults using special management tools and reporting them. Besides, game testers examine localization problems and ensure the product will be suitable for foreign markets. In general, they improve the playability and comparability of the product for the market.

One can become an entry-level game tester after accomplishing special courses or training. It is a well-paying and interesting job with further career perspectives. Even if you don’t have the necessary educational background, game companies often offer workshops or courses that include employment opportunities.

Game artist

Game artists are in charge of creating visual elements of the game. They make up characters, objects, various assets, props, environments, weapons, tools, and how all these components will look like. This job requires creativity, non-standard approaches, and a lot of visual experience. You are expected to create something unique but easily understood by a broad audience.

Most game artists are major in several areas. They can’t create everything because the game industry has become more demanding and sophisticated. Their role will also depend on the plot type. The games can be static or extremely dynamic. They require a different extent of detailing and texturing.

Together with game designers and developers, game artists work on the general style and feel of the game. They sketch its concept and the key elements. On top, these specialists create 3D models of the assets, so they fall in line with the technical prerequisites of the game. Game artists animate characters and integrate special effects. Generally speaking, they make the game recognizable.

Game designer

Unlike artists who work with the ‘’surface’’ of the game, game designers are responsible for its rules and settings. They use various programming languages to turn the ideas into an exciting journey for players. These specialists create games by conceptualizing and working on the characters, their motivation and actions. Game designers understand what the ultimate result should look like, so they often manage and monitor teams working on the new game. Among their duties is pitching the product to clients as well. They also make the game prototypes and supervise the quality control of the game.

Don’t get lured by the word ‘’designer’’ in the job description. This job is rather about creating the full picture and managing the process of its crafting. Designers spend a lot of time discussing various production stages with artists, programmers, sound engineers, game economists and other specialists. They develop gaming protocols, determine game-play mechanics, and ensure the quality of the final product. This job requires various hard skills and an ability to multitask.

The video game industry grows every minute. Millions of players expect dynamic and jaw-dropping games every year. They are ready to spend a lot of money on unforgettable emotions and impressions. If you like playing video games and see yourself in this industry, don’t hesitate to check the options that attract you the most.