Best Barbie Birthday Cake For Your Little Daughter

Best Barbie Birthday Cake For Your Little Daughter

For those of you who don’t know what a Barbie is, it is a stylish doll which was manufactured American toy company Mattel, Inc. in 1959. Ever since then, every little girl has dreamt of being as gorgeous as this diva-like doll and Barbie aficionados like to collect every version of hers to flaunt the love they hold for this doll. Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman invented the concept of Barbie dolls by taking some major inspiration from a German doll called Bild Lilli.

Then from time to time, Barbie featured in many Walt Disney endorsements, shows and a whole new lot was designed around her in the eminent TV show called Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. The popularity of this doll couldn’t stop it from entering the world of cakes and other baked goods and hence barbie cakes came into the picture. Coming in different shapes, sizes and kinds, a barbie cake was a much popular choice for young girls to celebrate their birthdays over with.

So, go through these barbie cakes and choose any one of these to make a perfect happy birthday barbie cake for your daughter.

  1. Hula Luau Barbie Doll Cake – The sweet yet having a rustic islander feel this barbie was a major hit among all the American sweethearts. Wearing a green leafy pleated skirt and a complimenting blouse, this Barbie throws out easy breezy beach vibes. Holding either a Ukelele or a coconut in one hand, this Barbie doll is an ensemble of a tropical dream.
  2. Fairy Barbie Doll Cake – Originating from “Barbie: A Fairy Secret” movie, this barbie doll makes your little baby girl believe that fairies surround everyone. She and her friends travel to a fairy city to rescue Ken, a friend of Barbie. As kids like to fantasize about fairies and magic, hence this Barbie avatar will be perfect to be turned into a dreamy creamy birthday cake for them.
  3. Barbie Wedding Dress Doll Cake – Every little girl eagerly awaits for her prince charming and her wedding day – which is exactly why a stunning Barbie dressed in white wedding gown is something every little girl loves to celebrate her birthday over. Get it made from your local baker in a fondant kind for your little girl’s birthday.
  4. Barbie In Rosette Dress Cake – Every little girl loves roses and every little girl loves Barbie, which is why something like a barbie adorning a rosette dress cake will sweep your little girl off her feet. You can additionally, look for a swirly patterned gown Barbie even, if not in a rosette dress.
  5. Barbie Blonde Hair Cake – Seen in the most common version, a Barbie doll having blonde coloured hair sitting on top of a birthday cake for your little one will make a charming cake indeed. It will be something spectacular as well as a delightful cake option for your little daughter’s birthday.
  6. Barbie Photo Cake – As of now, we were mostly suggesting you fondant or towering buttercream Barbie birthday cake options for your dear one. But Barbie photo cake makes even a delightful option to pamper your girl on her birthday. You can get the picture of your little princess even pointed along with Barbie’s over the cake.
  7. Barbie Cinderella Cake – Your little girl loves to listen to some fairytales as she dozes off to sleep. So, we are assuming she knows about Cinderella and has already fallen in love with her story. Now think of a situation wherein she gets her Barbie Cinderella cake for her birthday, wouldn’t that be an excellent choice? You bet, it will be!

So, these were some of the options for Barbie designer cakes for your little girl. What’ s your pick?