How Much a Wedding Makeup Artist Should Cost

How Much a Wedding Makeup Artist Should Cost

On occasions like birthday parties, farewell ceremonies, festivals, young Indian women like to dress up and put up makeup. 

But during wedding ceremonies, Indian women love to put their best dress, put on elaborate makeup and get hair professionally styled. 

Some women like to hire a professional wedding makeup artist to do everything tastefully. But many of them don’t go for it assuming how much the bridal makeup cost will be. 

On that note, here is a post that will let you know how much the bridal makeup cost would be in India. Read on and be informed!

What is the average makeup artist price in India?

In India, there are three categories under which the general bridal makeup cost comes. Take a look: 

  • If you go for the low-end bridal makeup, then the cost will be between Rs.5,000 and Rs.12,500. 
  • Forgoing through the average bridal packages, the cost would vary between Rs.7,500 and Rs.12,500. 
  • The high-end average bridal makeup cost may vary between Rs.50,000 and Rs.1,50,000. 

The average bridal makeup cost in India ranges between Rs.5,000 and Rs.12,500. 

The cost of the average bridal packages depends on the products that you use, the technique that they apply and their level of skill. 

The charges that a professional makeup artist asks for is for formal, casual and party makeup. The bridal makeup cost in India varies between Rs.5,000 and Rs.1,50,000. 

What are the charge structures of a bridal makeup artist?

Most of the bridal makeup artist doing the HD makeup, bridal jewellery under the bridal packages uses either of the following structures: 

  • Flat rate 

A few bridal makeup artists charge a flat rate, and it is based on the makeup category as per your preferences. The charges are more or less fixed for bridal and party makeup. If you require some extra services like saree draping, hair styling, and more, then the costs may be fixed for them as well. 

  • Rate for styles

The charges of some makeup artists are as per their style that they provide across makeup, techniques and products used. They will showcase their choices and also recommend the best suited for the wedding day and other ceremonies. Depending on what you choose, the bridal makeup artist will quote their costs. 

  • Other related services

Other than face makeup and more, you may need some extra services to complete your look for the special occasion. While some charges may be covered under the bridal packages like HD makeup and more, some could be added for a price. You should check the destination wedding cost as well. 

What is the booking amount to avail of the bridal packages?

If you are looking to know the bridal makeup cost booking amount, then the most professional artists may want you to pay 50% of the charges upfront. 

The remaining amount could be paid after you are done with all ceremonies. The booking amount percentage may vary from artist to artist. 

What to consider before finalizing a bridal makeup artist in India?

It is the most special day of your life, and you can’t take risks when it comes to your looks. Thus, you must not go ahead and book any makeup artist. Yes, it is because you are unaware of the results that you will get if you hire them. Hence, what you can do is take a trial in advance and know if the bridal package will suit you or not. 

Things to follow for every bride for glowing skin 

  1. You should start working on your diet 2-3 months in advance so that you get the nutrition out of the foods. 
  2. You should include lots of fruits and green veggies in your diet. They will give you the required glow. 
  3. If you like to eat meat, then you should include chicken and fish in the diet for getting the strength to carry on with every ceremony with all the energy. 
  4. You must keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water will help you maintain the glow of your face. Water will wash off all impurities and give you the natural glow. 
  5. Avoid spicy food, coffee, cigarettes, and fatty foods also. 
  6. Practice yoga and meditation if you are a bit nervous about the next phase of your life that you will enter.  

You just went through the bridal makeup cost and other aspects of your wedding that make you simply wow on your special day. 

To begin with, you can also start comparing all bridal makeup artists online and book one for the trial weeks before the marriage.