Advantages Of Opting For A Modular Kitchen In Goa

Advantages Of Opting For A Modular Kitchen In Goa

In Goa, a fair number of locals and tourists live in houses that have old kitchens, or in apartments wherein kitchens are built to allow residents to simply get by. However, many now realize that to have things arranged systematically, it is necessary to transition to a modern, neat kitchen that can suit grandeur of old homes or allow for maximum utilization of space in apartments.

But the problem arises with the sometimes insurmountable task of working with carpenters and contractors. Work and daily schedules do not permit the typical time required for renovation. It can be difficult to find reliable people who will understand your vision and execute what you have in mind. The number of days they would take to complete the task, the delays that are part and parcel of the project and the exorbitant prices can be a turn off. Therefore, many have now begun opting for modular kitchens in Goa.

Advantages for Opting a Modular Kitchen in Goa :

Chic finish:

Unlike carpentry work, which leaves you with more than a few rough edges and sometimes even with shabby fittings, a modular kitchen always leaves your space looking flawless. These kitchens are factory-made using German technology and are custom fitted to your home. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and shiny, or something understated, loud to match your personality or classic wood finished, the array of colours and laminates to choose from are endless! You’ll have drawers that open with a tap, cabinets that softly shut, glossy countertops and built-in appliances, leaving your kitchen looking stellar!


Contrary to the popular belief that a modular kitchen takes up a lot of space, in reality, they make things much more efficient. Kitchens are designed by professionals who know where everything should be placed, based on whether you cook 3 meals a day in your kitchen, use it as a space to entertain or dine in with your family. With modular kitchens in Goa, you don’t have to sacrifice functionality or style as it’s the job of the modular kitchen company to ensure that your pots and pans are stored for easy access, that there’s a place to put away small appliances when not in use, that there’s ample cabinet space to tuck away dishes and serving trays and more.

Modern designs:

While you feel you may be used to cooking in a traditional kitchen, when you finally get a modular one, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!. Contemporary designs ensure that they complement your home, reflect your style, meet your requirements, and with your personal specifications taken into view, it is designed to give you utmost comfort in your kitchen.

Above all, as a client, you are free to customize, share your ideas and your opinions on how you would like your kitchen to look. Your vision isn’t limited to just the layout on charts, but, with the help of technology and design as an industry-standard, the best modular furniture companies in Goa allow you to visualize your kitchen in 3D. So you can approve or make changes once you see the design, without being stuck with the kitchen once it’s built.

Assembly and Installation: 

Earlier, homeowners had to request renovators time and again to complete their projects. Although the material and the custom-built pieces would be ready, there would inevitably be delays with installation and completion. But now with modular companies like Blissspace in Panjim, Goa, one needn’t worry about such matters. One needn’t run around purchasing individual materials as everything is built off site and is installed in your home in 48 hours.

What does that mean for you? You don’t have to worry about the hammering and noise. All there is to look forward to is the fitting and final adjustments which can even be done over the weekend. Also, you won’t have to keep rescheduling to finish your work but instead, upon your convenience, you can arrange to get the fitting done.

As with any house repair work, you feel compelled to stay at home and supervise ensuring that work is done correctly. However, with modular furniture, having a firsthand picture of what your kitchen will look like, doesn’t leave you with any surprises. As with computerized designs, the machine produces the materials and skilled professionals take up the task of putting together your cabinets and entire kitchen.

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By relying on renovators to make decisions, you sometimes get faulty or unsatisfactory material or go over budget. With modular furniture, you don’t have to pay anything additional once you have your final quote. The costing of the material completely depends on the individual’s preference and size of the space. There are lots of choices, styles and designs to choose from, also depending on whether you want a semi-modular or fully modular kitchen. You can also hire an interior designer and get a complete quote on the project.

Modular kitchens are quickly gaining attention and proving to be advantageous. Thus, many Goans have begun moving away from carpenter-made kitchens and have begun opting for modular kitchens. They are placing their trust in companies like Blissspace Goa, thanks to their free maintenance and 10-year warranty.

A refreshing change has been seen in Goan households, as many have begun moving from conventional kitchens, only to adapt and prefer modular ones, as they are convenient and hassle-free. Some have grown so fond of the refined kitchens that they spend more time there than they normally would. If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen in the future, modular furniture would be a great option to consider.