A Tool Slash Luxury: 9 Newly Launched Watches From Suunto Collection

A Tool Slash Luxury: 9 Newly Launched Watches From Suunto Collection

When it comes to high-quality timepieces with outstanding features, Suunto collection is leading the list. This Finnish company has been in operation since 1936 and widely captured the attention of watch enthusiasts. 

Suunto timepieces are known for their customizable battery modes, durability construction, and for their long battery life. Suunto collections can be the perfect complement to any outfit as a luxury piece despite their sporty appearance. Check out these new Suunto watches, which will undoubtedly make your outfit more fashionable.

Unisex Timepiece: 3 ZH Slate Grey

As they say, simplicity defines beauty. So get this one of the latest unisex Suunto watches now and enjoy its simple yet attractive features. Whether you will make it a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, they will surely be delighted. The case has a round shape that highly protects the dial.  

Men’s Timepiece: 7 All Black

Suunto perfectly combines beauty and masculinity in this all-black men’s timepiece. Get yourself amazed at this newly launched wristwatch from the Suunto collection. The watch features a glass fibre with a round glass fibre reinforced polyamide case with a diameter of 50mm. Its dial type is digital, making it an ideal timepiece for the modern technological world. It also comes with an innovative wristband purely made of silicone material. 

Men’s Timepiece: 7 White Burgundy

Make your friends jealous of this latest model from the Suunto collection. This watch has an eye-captivating digital dial, which features the step you took on a day as well as the current weather condition. The case is also made of a glass fibre reinforced polyamide material with a diameter of 50 mm. If you’re into modern types of fashion, this model is the perfect choice for you.  

Unisex Timepiece: 7 Black Lime

Without a doubt, this Suunto timepiece is one of the most advanced models from the brand. Its digital dial displays essential apps for your everyday routine. Spotify, Play Store, and Agenda are just some of the apps you can use just by wearing this wristwatch.  

You can also check the weather just by tapping the icon on its dial. Its round case has a gorilla glass crystal and a diameter of 50mm. Since this model is intended for everyday purposes, it comes with a silicone band to make it comfy when worn. 

Men’s Timepiece: 5 White

This men’s Suunto timepiece will help you look neat, organized, and clean just by wearing it. Its digital dial and its visually appealing silicone wristband create a good impression for you. The whole 46mm case is made of glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate material with a mineral crystal. It also comes with a water resistance of up to 50 meters.

Unisex Timepiece: 3 ZH Slate Grey Copper

Everything about this new model is enthralling. You’ll adore the way the dial and band are designed. The dial is digital, and the hands are simple but visually appealing. Its bracelet design includes a one-of-a-kind feature. Get yours right now for a reasonable price.

Unisex Timepiece: 3 ZH Moss Grey

Aside from 3 ZH Slate Grey Copper, this another latest unisex model from the Suunto collection will also put you in awe with its stunning beauty. The case is round and protects its digital dial. Aside from its indexes, the dial displays the battery percentage of the watch as well as the day and date, making it useful for everyday purposes. 

Unisex Timepiece: 9 Baro White

Advance your choice of fashion by wearing this latest model from the Suunto collection. This model is for both ladies and gentlemen that perfectly features a round 50mm case made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide material. It also has a silicone band and a water-resistant of 100 meters, which can surely defeat any weather-related conditions. 

Unisex Timepiece: 5 G1 ZH Graphite Steel

This is one of Suunto’s most advanced digital watches, displaying the average number of steps taken per day as well as the date. The case is round in shape, and it protects the digital dial. When you buy this watch online, shipping is free. You can get it now for a reasonable price.

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The modern world allows us to utilize the most innovative watches. Stylish timepieces mentioned above from the Suunto collection are examples of how technology affects your everyday lives. This helps our life to be more convenient in any aspect. So, if you’re looking for the most convenient and innovative luxury slash tool watches online, take a look at these options, and your days will be much easier.