A little about Halls of Atonement

A little about Halls of Atonement

Whether you’re looking to make a quick buck by leveling players or leveling up your character, Halls of Atonement will let you reach your full potential. Lots of WoW boosting service in its services dungeon, since it is relatively small in size, it allows you to easily control small opponents, as well as find good loot falling from bosses. In this article, you will get acquainted with the features of this dungeon, as well as the main characteristics of the bosses.

The first and very nice feature is that you can enlist the support of Loyal stone born. They can significantly increase your chances of successfully completing the dungeon, and are also actively used wow boosting services to speed up the destruction of a large crowd of opponents. The taming process itself takes no more than 2 seconds, while the newly appeared allies inflict good damage for 30 seconds, after which they leave the battlefield.

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There are always 4 bosses on the location, each has its own characteristics and requires certain tactics. for boost wow , these opponents are the best fit, as they will allow you to quickly upgrade your character, as well as collect good loot, which will be useful to you in your further adventures.


The first boss you encounter at the beginning will not show any activity, as his anima was divided into 3 crystals, each of which represents a elemental that you will have to fight. Here, first of all, you should be wary of area damage, which will deal 1904 damage per second for 8 seconds.

After their destruction, the boss himself will wake up, the main obstacle for which should be your tank. He needs not only to take all the blows, but also to lead the boss behind him, giving the allies the opportunity to bypass the glass fragments scattered by him, causing 1700 damage every 0.5 seconds. buy wow boost , you hire professionals who have perfected every movement to automatism, so you can quickly upgrade your character without any effort.


This boss is notable for unpleasant assistants that can significantly ruin the life of your squad. The best strategy is to simply tank the boss, healer needs to keep an eye on the condition of his teammates.

High Adjudicator Aleez

This boss is interesting for the creatures he summons. They cannot be damaged, but can be made to stop by looking directly at them. Of all 4 bosses, it is considered the weakest, it does not require special tactics.

Lord Chamberlain

On the final boss, you will have to face two types of opponents. One will constantly heal him (Tormented Soul), the second to spoil life (Inquisitor Cigar). Immediately deal with the healers, after that, carefully monitor the statues that Zigar, since when he reaches 70% and 40% of health, he activates them, thereby causing significant damage to the characters.

For wow boost service is best to have a frost mage as part of it, as it is possible to gather in crowds and shoot a large number of weak opponents. Thus pumped characters will receive a large amount of experience in the shortest possible time