9 Top Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising for Businesses

9 Top Benefits of Mobile Video Advertising for Businesses

The major reason why video has emerged as the most reliable way of advertising is it not only tantalizes the sense of customers easily but also leaves a higher impact on them. Earlier video advertising was done only on big screens, be it television or picture halls. In today’s scenario, the concept of video advertising has changed completely. In today’s time, video ads are created for mobile devices.

The reason is the growing usage of mobile devices and also mobile users. It has pushed up the demand for mobile video advertising, which witnessed its vast growing demand among businesses. A Toronto Digital Marketing Company quotes, no matter what type of business you own, you can gain numerous benefits of mobile video advertising that help you grow your business tremendously. Before we discuss here the various benefits of mobile video advertising for business, it’s crucial to discuss the basics.

What is Mobile Video Advertising

As the name suggests, mobile video advertising is one of the popular forms of advertising that is targeted at mobile users. In other words, mobile video advertising involves creating different types of promotional videos for mobile users.

Mobile video advertising is considered to be highly effective and one of the popular monetization strategies that many publishers use for promoting their games and also increasing revenue. This is the reason why it has become the preferred choice for publishers to promote games and earn higher revenue and ROIs.

Mobile video advertising is indeed the most effective way when it comes to ensure higher and greater customer engagement. Apart from this, mobile video advertising witnesses having twice the click-through rate and also the most appropriate options compared to those of classic banners and also interstitial advertisements.

Another reason for the growing popularity of video advertising is the growing viewing rate of videos across the world. In other words, users prefer to watch videos to a wider extent. Mobile video advertising brings the possibility of acquiring customers at affordable CPI, which reflects that mobile advertisements are highly efficient and also done properly.

Reasons Why Business should go for Mobile Video Advertising

Let’s discuss here various benefits of mobile video advertising for your business.

  1. Get More Expensive Outreach

The major advantage of having mobile video advertising for business is that it ensures even expensive outreach. The reason is the format of mobile video advertising is something that is not limited only to streaming websites.

Apart from video players, brands can avail of the flexibility to run these advertisements online across various online content, social media sites, in-apps, web page corners, and many more. For instance, one can use ad formats such as Streambox and mCanvas, which are dedicated formats that can embed easily through native video advertisements between various editorial content.

  1. Boost Conversion

It’s the main aim of any business. It’s a fact that static advertisements in today’s time have become boring. The great advantage of mobile video ads is it provides greater scope for intuitive, interactive, and also promotional content for thriving online. You can indeed get a wonderful option for gamifying your advertisement or also can use an image or carousel for generating user interest naturally.

You can use the combination of both sophisticated Smartphone features and also stunning visuals in videos. It helps you in encouraging viewers for acting and also increases interactivity for increasing engagement.

  1. Great Narrative

Another advantage of using mobile video advertising is it is popular for having a good narrative. If we compare banner advertisements, media-rich advertisements are capable of offering a highly fertile space for those with emotional and creative content to thrive.

Video advertisements with a humane and also relatable story at the center generally get a wonderful viewership as they facilitate a higher audience engagement. When it comes to stimulating advertisement experience, it also tends to translate to brand recall while keeping the ROI very optimal.

  1. Video is Good for Information and Educating

Video is considered to be one of the most preferred mediums when you need to inform or educate your customers. The reason is video incorporates various visual elements along with audio, which appeal to different senses.

Video advertisements are also popular as a top-rated educational tool. They are indeed effective when you use them for various product demonstrations or also as ‘How-To’. The reason is viewers can easily find out the way several things work and also learn various new skills.

  1. Video Advertisements Perform Well Among Smartphone Users

A large number of people watch videos using many mobile devices. And this trend continues to grow even in the coming times as well. Small videos that are around 30 seconds are highly popular among people and they watch the same till the end. And this is something that does not apply to an ad on various computers.

  1. People Share Videos

Another reason why mobile video ads are famous is that mobile users tend to share videos if they like. So, if viewers find your advertising videos interesting, they will share your video. It gives your video advertising a great boost and makes your campaign successful.

Those who watch videos find it quite interesting and also highly valuable and will then share it with their followers on social media. Many Twitter users share a large number of 700 videos every minute. This phenomenon tends to improve your video’s exposure.

  1. Search Engine Gives Preference

The leading search engine such as Google gives preference to video content when they may tweak algorithms that present various sites on the page that ranks higher. So, if you distribute mobile video marketing through blogs, social media, or your website, it improves the chance that your target audience can easily find the video when they search for it with the relevant keywords.

  1. Videos Tell Story in Short Time

Another interesting fact about video format is it takes a short amount of time compared to text when it comes to conveying messages. Since video ensures maximum engagement, it conveys information by narrating it at the same time.

  1. Analytics

Whether you run your mobile video advertising campaign on Facebook or YouTube, you can access video analytics. It helps you get insight into the performance of your campaign. It helps you gather the complete details about likes, shares, views, and also social interactions that can also help you in planning your future campaigns. It makes your content highly effective when it comes to reaching your target audience.

Analytics helps you plan effectively your video content and you will be able to make more effective video campaigns that can perform outstandingly.

Final Words

Mobile video advertising is in vogue nowadays. A lot of businesses run this campaign and witnessed tremendous outcomes. Meanwhile, you need to have a proper mobile video marketing strategy to run your campaign successfully. Above are some of the most effective strategies you can implement to make your video campaign more result-oriented.