8 Amazing Fun Facts about Persian Cats

8 Amazing Fun Facts about Persian Cats

With their characteristic round, doll face you might know who they are with just a single glance! Well, yes, it is the Persian cat we are talking about! There are many reasons why a Persian cat could be the most perfect pet you can have at your house, however, there are some facts that you might not actually know about these cats! Here are 8 amazing fun facts you might have not heard regarding the breed of Persian cats.

  1. World’s first cat-show included Persian cats:

250 years after 1620, Persian natives took over the land of London and that was when the first cat show was organized in the world at the Crystal Palace. This means that Persian cats were much famous than the internet was at that time! about 20,000 people enjoyed this cat show and were astonished by the show that was displayed. Even more surprising was that it was a Persian cat that got the best in the show award!

  1. America loves Persian cats:

Even though their place of origin is said to be Persia, still they are much loved by the Americans more than the Persians. During the formation of the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1906, Persian cats were one of the first cat breeds that were registered. People in the US still love them and are much-wanted pets in every household! If you think you would also love to buy a cat for yourself, then now you can check out Persian cat for sale in Noida through Mummy Cat where the best of services is provided.

  1. Various historical figures love this breed:

Persian cats are not only famous now but they were also famous among various famous inspirations. Some of them include:

  • Florence Nightingale: had a total of 60 cats during her lifetime one of them being a Persian cat named Mr. Bismarck
  • Marilyn Monroe: owned a Persian breed named Mitsou
  • Raymond Chandler: black Persian cat named Taki

now you know why they have been the favorite among all the generations.

  1. Low maintenance:

We love things that do not need muchmaintenance or much struggle and can enjoy a lot. Apart from the shedding season, this breed of cat is one that carries itself quite clean and does not need much high pricey maintenance.

  1. Pop culture icons:

In the movie James bond, the villain Ernst Stavro Bliofield has a white Persian cat which is one of the highlights of the movie! With this being said, you cannot deny that they are icons of the pop culture. Apart from this instance, the movie “Cats and Dogs” also features a Persian cat named “Kitty Galore”. Pretty much a movie star you can say!

  1. It has some of the most astonishing features:

Well, it is true that most of the Persian cats that you have seen have a flat-faced structure. But it is not true for all of them! Especially if you look back to the ancestors of Persian cats you can observe that they have a pointy face rather than the rounded smooth face.

  1. Strikingly similar to Turkish Angoras:

Turkish Angoras have many similar characteristics as seen in the Persian cats due to their fur coats. These Turkish angoras are of European origin and were found around the 1500s and hence it is sometimes also considered that Turkish angoras were crossbred to produce the today-seen Persian cat. Persian cats have more of a strong build than their counterparts who have a soft-lithe build.

  1. A variety of characteristics available:

Unlike other breeds such as Siamese cats who have a single-colored fur coat the Persian cats have much variety in their fur coat color and include orange, grey, black, and white. Apart from the fur coat color, one can also select from various shades of eye colors. Their sizes also differ and can range right from teacup sizes to a large 15-inch cat. It all depends on which type and size cat do you prefer! You can now check out the Persian cat price in Noida via Mummy Cat and get a variety of offers on each purchase!

Final Words:

These were the 8 amazing fun facts about Persian cats that you ought to know! Now that you have found these fluffy beings, why not check out other breeds from Mummy Cat and find out which cat breed would be the best for you and your family!