7 Effective Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas You Should Implement Right Now

7 Effective Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas You Should Implement Right Now

Why should you invest time in video marketing content for real estate?

The internet has completely been taken over by video. The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month is 3.25 billion.

If used properly, video content is one of the most engaging and easily consumable forms of content available and can be very helpful in building your brand and credibility within your market. 

Anyone with a smartphone, Facebook Live, GIF, or Boomerang creation tool can profit from the territory.

Realtors, investors, and anyone else can be included in that definition.

A Hubspot report notes that 90% of users find product videos helpful in deciding what to buy.

Buying and selling real estate is all about assisting people with BIG decisions.

High-quality video files are all you need at the current stage.

Producing content while being obsessed with perfection is the worst thing you can do. Utilize the examples for inspiration, rather than as a benchmark to measure yourself against. Incorporate techniques, ideas, and cadences into your own video.

No matter if you are a buyer, seller, or just a regular real estate marketer, you know how important it is to establish an engaging, credible, and attractive presence for your target audience. It’s crucial to market your business effectively and find ways to outdo your competitors, especially in such a competitive industry that hits so close to home.


Effective Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas 

1: Videos with tips for home buyers

There are many steps involved in buying a house. Buying a house doesn’t happen overnight, especially not to an inexperienced buyer.

The majority of first-time homebuyers have a certain concept of what they want in a home, but they do not know about the potential dangers they face, the types of things that increase a home’s value, or the sort of timeframe they should expect. However, they are interested in knowing these things.

The best type of video is a short, informal one that offers advice to the homebuyer, which establishes your brand. Let these videos establish your brand as the expert to answer your prospects’ questions and, ultimately, sell their home.

2: Tips for home sellers

Selling houses online requires you to display your house in the best possible light. As an example, that’s not the only thing a seller may want to know before putting their house on the market.

Fortunately, you already have most of the answers.

It is designed for coaches who enjoy illustrating their ideas on a whiteboard with dry-erase markers. Videos created on whiteboards are one of our most popular products. Create short videos with online video editors like InVideo. 

3. Humanize your videos

Real estate is one of the most personal investments that you can make. The process is not only emotionally difficult but also financially significant. What’s more? Many people act emotionally during the process. Humans also value relationships rather than property. To master the art of storytelling, it is imperative that you have the habit of telling stories. Give a personal touch to videos for effective real estate video marketing.

Leverage the power of 360 video

A flat two-dimensional surface makes it hard to convey the beauty of the physical product when selling something tangible online. The use of video in such a case is of course valuable. The real estate industry is no exception, but because large, multi-functional spaces are so difficult to capture with standard video, this industry is often overlooked.

It is designed for coaches who enjoy illustrating their ideas on a whiteboard with dry-erase markers. Videos created on whiteboards are one of our most popular products. Create short videos with online video editors like InVideo. 

It’s here that 360 video comes in handy! You can immerse your viewers in this video experience and allow them to experience the space without having to remove their slippers.

4: Showcase your Client Feedbacks

Real estate testimonials are used by many of you on your website, but video testimonials are by far the most powerful. In a similar way to any well-placed and trustworthy endorsement, the video version provides social proof – the sense that “it has already worked for somebody else, now it will also work for me” – to stave off doubt.

This industry faces challenges when it comes to trust. Buying real estate is not only a major financial decision but can also have a serious impact on one’s everyday life. When it comes to real estate marketing, the best way to instill trust in their leads is to let someone else speak for them. Someone else in my mind is an existing homeowner since they have already gone through the process.

Video testimonials are essentially a shorter, less comprehensive version of case studies. Nevertheless, they have the same impact.

5: Show Proof

There is nothing better than a good story. Get your story out there as part of your real estate video marketing. The key to lead generation is to combine them with educational content (and when they combine, it’s gold). Storytelling has been inspiring, evoking emotion, and moving people since they discovered fire.

The case studies you create as real estate agents are simply that: stories of satisfied clients who were smitten with your ability to help, your dedication to delivering outstanding service, and the solution you offered. Case studies are simply an expression of the consumer’s excitement about the business and what it does. The spark is like a kindle for starting more fires.

6. Make yourself a Brand

Videos created for real estate agents are meant to highlight their personalities, demonstrate their character, and demonstrate their value as a professional. Agents with their own personal brands are already one step ahead of their peers.

There are two ways you can set yourself apart from your competition:

  • Explain how you assist home sellers and buyers.
  • You should show your personality to others.

Both of these elements contribute to a compelling and professional story. Both of these elements contribute to a compelling and professional story. A compelling story involves both of these elements. You should avoid clichés when speaking to the camera. Make sure you include a few shots of you interacting with clients and displaying an open house. Make sure you wrap it up by reminding the client how much you care about their home-buying and selling experience.

Through this, you will be able to create a close relationship with your new clients and increase their trust in your ability to succeed. You can effectively convince customers to invest with an engaging marketing plan and personalized videos.

7. Use Live Stream

Video in real-time is extremely powerful. The capability of attracting clients is one of its greatest strengths. Quite simply, we are drawn to live video. Streams interrupt our daily activities and our casual scrolling habits.

Video marketing for real estate is currently trending toward live streaming. Until a decade ago, real-time communications with real estate sales leads, buyers, and sellers were not possible. Using the video format, you can host a live ask-me-anything event, a virtual open house, or a neighborhood video showcase. For instance, try using Periscope or Facebook Live.

Bottom Line

Video marketing for real estate should have a duration between 2 and 6 minutes. Platinum Cinematic says that the accuracy of the video depends a lot on the size of the house and the features that an agent wishes to highlight. Homebuyers’ attention spans are short, so grab their attention in the first few frames of your listing video.

Here’s the message: work hard to connect with home buyers, sellers, and new leads. Using video, what would real estate consumers most like to see? Authenticity. When you demonstrate authenticity, the sale is quicker and everyone involved is happier.

The bottom line is: You must make videos as part of your real estate marketing campaign if you are a real estate agent.