6 Uses of a Mainframe Computer

6 Uses of a Mainframe Computer

Mainframe Computer is a type of computer used in huge organizations for storing data in bulk and also important applications. This computer is larger and has greater processing power than any type of computer available in the market like workstations, servers, and minicomputers. It is mostly used as servers in multinational corporations. The manufacturers of such computer servers are International Business Machines Corporations with z Systems. 


The amount of investment in the development of the computer server has been an increase in the market share, day by day. It is significantly utilized for the process of transaction, which means sending information from one sub-system to another system, operating calls from the system, and also that includes reading and writing from the disk. The computer server has more exceeding processing power compared to laptops and normal computer systems but has shorter processing power than a Super Computer. If there any problem with the processor module, the workload will be transferred to other processors. Nowadays, all the large multinational corporations are relying on Mainframe Computers as it performs huge scale transaction processing to the systems. It also supports thousands of applications simultaneously while accessing several files and data resources in bulk. It is so powerful that it can handle terabytes of information in the databases. Want to know large companies are benefitted from such a device for their business operations? Let us read about the Uses of a Mainframe Computer!


Uses of a Mainframe Computer


E-Commerce Sector:

There are many uses of the computer in the E-Commerce and E-Business sector. The computer server helps in handling bulk business information and transactions and also enables the business firms the exchange of money through the internet transaction. By utilizing these two features can change the whole interface of the businesses in the market. From huge e-commerce industries to insurance agencies, the mainframe computer is needed in each of the larger industries. For an E-Business Sector, each of the transaction processes requires a storage facility. So, the computer server acts as a medium of transaction procedures in the organizations. 


Banking Sector:

Even the banking sector requires heavy storage facilities that can only be provided by the IBM Mainframe Computers. It is useful because the server can track every single transaction each day. It can not only track their customer transaction but also credit card transaction, debit card transaction, ATM withdrawals, Mobile Payment, Account Updates, and so on. In this way, it cuts time consumption and the employees can work effectively on other business processes. 


Healthcare Sector:

In this business industry, the computer server uses technology that can keep track of or monitor the number of transactions happening each day at a fast pace. As healthcare has thousands of patients every day, storing the records of each patient requires a storage facility that can be only provided only by International Business Machines Corporations. So, healthcare providers can focus on more important patients and on the tasks to be completed. Are you interested in having mainframe jobs in ohio? Read more to find the best online job platform that is the right choice!



Military Operations require a secure server and they also need a lot of data to be passed onto the land forces and their military bases. The Mainframe Computer can track the information received to the home bases of the soldiers. It can also help in tracking the patterns of the weather in the surrounding location and it also has the potential to use the Global Positioning System. Military Mainframe Computers can be operated by satellites all over the globe, it can organize all the critical information the systems. 



The Mainframe Computer is one of the perfect devices to keep in store all the resources related to academic researches. They can store book material in electronic format, research articles, recordings, important images, maps, and also prints. 


Retail Sector:

The computer draws attention towards the Retail Sector too! It helps the retail companies to prevent them from handling an enormous amount of data and transaction like inventory related information. 


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