5 ways to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home in Goa

5 ways to Enjoy the Outdoors at Home in Goa

With the COVID-19 virus still around and restrictions in place, you may no longer be able to go to the beach, lunch at your favourite restaurants, enjoy visiting cafes and other places that you love. While we undoubtedly agree that this is for the best, we understand that staying at home for months on end can be tiresome, too.

Living in Goa, in other smaller cities and on the outskirts of bigger metros comes with its perks. There’s plenty of greenery around and if you have sufficient space surrounding your home there are a variety of activities you can engage in. From therapeutic gardening to camping out in your backyard, even getting creative and erecting make-shift outdoor setups to create a whole new vibe. With the help of do-it-yourself (DIYs) kits and tutorials, the possibilities are endless.

Go ahead and engage yourself with something or the other and have fun with your family. Here are some tips on how you can enjoy the outdoors at home in Goa

  1. Create an outdoor lounge

Miss going to the beach, basking in the sun and enjoying the cool ocean breeze? Well, creating an outdoor lounge space in your yard can draw you closer to the tropical feeling that you would experience tenfold at a beach.

You can either set up a sun bed or a futon mattress, or throw in a few pillows to make it more comfortable. You can even add a couple of lounge chairs to the setup. Want it to be more laid back? Tie a hammock between the palm trees and relax under the shade with a book and a drink. If you only have time to unwind in the evenings, put up some lanterns or fairy lights to create a mellow lighting for a soothing ambience to enjoy when the sun goes down.

  1. Create an outdoor bar

It will certainly be a while before you can venture out to your favourite pub. In the meantime, why not set up your own outdoor bar? Start off by transforming an area surrounding your home, it could be an old shed that isn’t being used or a patch of garden. Depending upon how big and fancy you want your bar to look, you can scour the internet for some interesting choices of bar furniture. If not, there are innovative and inexpensive ways to create your own mini bar.

Repurpose an old table or a desk to set up a counter, make use of a cooler to store beverages. Gather together your bluetooth speaker and your favourite cocktail ingredients, a few glasses, and you’re all set. Enjoy creating heady drinks for your family and neighbours. If your home boasts of a view, what could be better?

  1. Create an al fresco dining space

Take a break from eating in front of the TV or in your dining room and recreate the feeling of dining in an outdoor restaurant instead, by setting up a dining area in your balcony. If you like roughing it or have space in your garden, set up a picnic spot – either on the grass or on a picnic table. This is a great idea, especially if you have kids. The fresh air and change of routine will definitely boost everyone’s mood.

While outdoor dining is a great idea, there are a few things to keep in mind. When setting up a dining table and garden chairs outdoors, it’s advisable to place it on leveled surfaces like a lawn or a patio. Goa can get pretty warm during the day time, so bringing a pedestal fan and setting up a gazebo or an overhead umbrella would be wise ideas to beat the heat. Come evening, Goa is known to have plenty of bugs and mosquitos so keep some insect repellant handy. To create a lovely ambience, string up a set of lights and let soft music play in the background.

  1. Create a backyard campsite

Don’t you wish that barbecues were as frequent in Goa as they are in the West? There’s something about grilling your own meat and veggies in the garden for friends and family, while chatting away and downing a beer. Setting up your own barbecue pit or campfire is easier than you think – you can either buy a barbecue kit or set up your own with a circle of bricks and a center of coals. You can sit around it as a family, sing songs, cook and enjoy a fun evening. If not, just lay out a rug in the backyard, watch the stars and camp out. Doesn’t that sound heavenly?

  1. Get your hands dirty in the garden 

Many Goan homes are blessed with large gardens, and if you haven’t tried your hand at gardening yet, you’re missing out on a fruitful hobby. Get your hands dirty and beautify your space with flowering shrubs and fruit-bearing plants. It’s a great way to spend time reconnecting with nature and the feeling of eating home-grown produce is difficult to put into words.

Don’t have a garden? You can still create a garden patch or herb garden by your window. Gardening, be it tending to a small patch of earth or landscaping your large garden, is one of the easiest, most satisfying and cost-effective ways to relieve stress and engage yourself during lockdowns.

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