5 Best Bedsheets to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

5 Best Bedsheets to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Summers are a tricky time of the year. The slightest detail can meddle with your sleep cycle; hence it is imperative to select the suitable fabric. After being exposed to the scorching heat, you wish to retreat to an inviting bed. Coming back home is a zen moment where you want to relax and let go. 

Selecting the bed sheets can ravage this occurrence and defeat the purpose of a goodnight’s sleep. You must seek assistance from a professional to choose the proper selection. A good pair of bedsheets will stimulate calm and peaceful vibrations. 

The situation during winters is completely paradoxical because we want denser fabrics to nestle in. Although we all use air conditioning, summers call for more airy fabrics. Bed Sheets come in numerous shapes and sizes, catering to different seasons and audiences. Pick one that suits your purpose. 

Avoid fabrics that do not soak in the sweat and stick to the skin. They should be light and porous materials that allow air to pass through. A dextrous fabric selection is vital. Fabrics like linen, percale, cotton, and eucalyptus are my favorite summer picks.

Making The Right Fabric Selection

The rationale is to find a breathable fabric that aligns with the season’s offerings and elevates the room’s look. 

1- Linen 

Linen is one of the best summer picks owing to its organic and breathable nature. It not only serves the purpose of being non-sticky but also comes in numerous colors and designs. Several people use linen bed sheets to project a Scandinavian aura. They are comfortable and manifest stunning aesthetics.

In a country like India, people are striving off linen fabrics among clothes and their bedsheets. It encompasses a definite versatility that adapts throughout all seasons so you can bid adieu to the discomfort of bedsheets.

2- Cotton

Cotton is a favorite among families and interior stylists. Indigenous cotton bed sheets are known for their exuberant designs and economical pricing. They are durable, breathable, and, most importantly, free from chemicals. Cotton is another versatile fabric and is ideal for Indian households. 

It soaks in all the excess moisture and keeps you cool through the night. In addition, most cotton bedsheets are large and escape the stresses of retucking. Cotton is also easier to wash and maintain.

3- Viscose

Another natural fabric, viscose, is made from bamboo and is an ideal pick for summers. It is supple and lightweight. Many shoppers can resonate with sleeping on a cloud while resting on a viscose bedsheet. It is another type of silk and is machine-wash friendly. It is challenging to relapse to any other fabric once you’ve slept on a viscose bed sheet. 

4- Percale

Percale bed sheets are known for their relaxed disposition. They are used in hotel rooms and have unparalleled comfort. They are crisp but never lose the touch of absolute ease. We have all craved that hotel bed at some point in our lives. Percale bed sheets have a significant role to play in making those beds seem so snug. They are also easier to style because of their classic appearance, which complements a variety of aesthetics. 

5- Cool max Sheets

As the name suggests, cool max sheets serve the purpose of keeping people chill through the night. They are either made from polyester or other microfibres and soak in the extra moisture to allow that baby-like sleep. They are an excellent choice for people to sweat excessively through the night. The fabric sucks in the excess humidity generated by the body through the night. It is a superior blend and amplifies comfort. 


Picking these bed sheets will not only better your sleep quality but also keep you comfortable and improve the aesthetics of the house.